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Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Restaurant :: Nightingale

It's been a blast living in Uptown and watching the ever-changing restaurant scene. We're so lucky there are so many places to walk or bus to in the area. Last month, we got another new restaurant, Nightingale, located next to Treehouse Records on Lyndale and 26th.

We went a couple weeks after it opened -- well, actually, we went twice before that for Sunday brunch, but a note on the door notified us (twice) that brunch wasn't being served. At least we live nearby so we got a little walk out of it.

The dining area is a beautiful sight with buttery white leather chairs, deep blue booths accented with gold nail heads and eye-catching sculptured wood chandeliers overhead. Cocktails were decent, but I had hoped for more depth of flavor; maybe next time.

The food was quite good and I'm excited to try other menu items next time I visit. The menu listed an array of bruschetta and we chose the roasted mushroom which was topped with two sunny-side up quail eggs - yum! Next time I'm trying the ricotta, pine nuts and mint.

The steak tartare was unique as it was on top of a bed of sunchokes. In this case, it was a good unique.

We also tried the Brussels sprouts and enjoyed the tang from the agrodolce, a sweet and sour reduction along with small bites of bacon throughout the dish.

Excited to go back soon. It's a cozy place to have drinks and a small bite to eat. The kitchen is open until 1am so I'm sure that will come in handy post-holiday parties.


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