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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Food of the Big Island

Ryan and I tend to be very food focused when we go on vacation, plotting out where we need to make reservations and where we can just drop in, highlighting key menu items, and planning our trip around meals.

This Hawaii trip was quite different - we didn't plan anything food related. That's right, no planning at all. We figured we'd just let it all happen and happen it did! Check out the delicious food we ate while on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Jackie Rey's: Kalua pork spring rolls (amazing), tuna poke with taro chips and salad with hummus and basil pesto vinaigrette. My friend just saw Alton Brown there.

Island Lava Java, a coffeehouse using locally produced ingredients. Sipped Kona coffee while overlooking the ocean.

Grilled ono salad at U-Top-It. We went for breakfast, but I was in the mood for lunch.

Ryan's farm vegetable crepe topped with gravy and 2 eggs at U-Top-It.

OUR spot for sushi in Kona. Owner Seiji Mizukami is the best!

All of this plus miso soup for under $10 at Seiji's Brew Garden in Kona.

Passionfruit Wheat & Coconut Porter? I'm in!

Awa, made from kava root - a drink to help you relax.
Doesn't taste too great and makes your mouth tingle.

Noshing at Kanaka Kava: Kalua pork, breadfruit, purple sweet potatoes,
poi, tuna poke and seared ahi.

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  1. Yum, yum, and YUM! I'm curious about that porter - did you like?


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