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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

U of M - Dairy Salesroom

Visiting the dairy salesroom at the University of Minnesota was like visiting a candy store with the large variety of cheese and ice cream. Everything is made by students for classes and projects are for sale each Wednesday from 3pm - 5pm. I've been eager to visit ever since I first heard about it and finally made the trek with my food lover friend, Sarah.

When it comes to food, I sometimes go a little bit overboard in my purchases, especially when I feel like it might be my only time visiting. I mean, do I really need 6 kinds of cheese, 6 varieties of ice cream and 2 yogurts?

That Smoked Swiss Spread was amazing. Completely unhealthy, but totally awesome scooped up with pretzels and crackers. We used the other cheeses in some recipes which I'll share in future posts. The yogurts were good too (especially the peach flavor with big chunks of peaches), but I could tell they were loaded with sugar since we normally eat plain yogurt.

All of the ice cream flavors sounded so wonderful that I had a hard time deciding. In the end, I went with eggnog, whitehouse, pumpkin pie, apple pie crunch, mint chip, and blueberry cheesecake (which was gifted to my sister in law).

My favorite was the apple pie crunch with apples and cinnamon swirled in. The whitehouse was also quite good with bites of cherry and big chunks of chocolate. Both needed some tweaks (more apples and less chocolate), but I suppose that's the point of the salesroom - to get sell practice work.

If you happen to get off work early on a Wednesday, buzz over to the dairy salesroom to check out what's for sale. Ice cream flavors vary week by week, so get there early if you want first choice.

Food Science & Nutrition Dairy Salesroom
University of Minnesota - St. Paul Campus
1354 Eckles Avenue

Open Wednesdays, 3pm - 5pm


  1. Fun!!! The Nutrition building was right next door so once I discovered the dairy salesroom I was a regular. :)
    The swiss spread sounds amazing!

  2. I think that you definitely needed all of that dairy! ;)

    I'll have to think about bussing over there after work some night -- what a fun place! (But maybe I'll have to wait until the fall so my ice cream doesn't melt????)

    P.S. Can you send me your vinaigrette recipe that has the flax oil in it? Oliver peed all over my boxes of stuff I've already packed, and I lost all of my recipe binders . . . for some reason, your vinaigrette recipe is the only one I keep thinking of as "I must get that back NOW!"

  3. The answer to, "Do I really need 6 kinds of cheese, 6 varieties of ice cream and 2 yogurts?" is a definitive YES! What an amazingly delicious field trip!


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