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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cocktails in the Market: Bittercube Bitters

Hey there, Cafe Cyan readers! It's been a few years since Ryan (my husband) posted on this blog and I'm happy to say he is back for a guest post. I recently sent him to a cooking class armed with the camera.. I never imagined he'd have SUCH a great time. Check it out:

Ever since a visit to Town Talk Diner in the summer of 2009, I have appreciated a great cocktail. Crystal and I bellied up to the bar that day with limited cocktail knowledge and a good appetite. Lucky for us, Nick Kosevich was ready to expand our knowledge of all things cocktail related while Chef Tommy Begnaud had some very tasty food items on the menu.

Bittercube bitters: Bolivar is the most versatile for an introduction to bitters

I could tell that Nick had a strong passion for creating perfect cocktails as he took us through a journey of handmade specialty bitters and liqueurs. Each vial of elixir was carefully stacked and sorted behind the bar. The level of satisfaction was unexpected as we enjoyed amazing cocktails crafted and explained to us by Nick and fantastic food prepared Chef Tommy.

Town Talk may have closed earlier this year, but the great cocktails and fantastic food live on. Nick joined forces with Ira Koplowitz, formerly of the Violet Hour in Chicago, to form Bittercube Bitters.

Drink legacy: Check!

Chef Tommy Begnaud is now the executive chef at Prairie Ale House in Eden Prairie where the brat burger lives.

Food legacy: Check!

As luck would have it, last week I was able to relive the summer of 2009 Town Talk experience at Kitchen in the Market. Crystal signed me up for Cocktails in the Market with Bittercube Bitters and I was instantly looking forward to the event.

The following is a sampling of the photos I snapped during the event, visit the Cafe Cyan facebook page here:

Nick and Ira create the opening cocktail: a raw sugar cube with a few drops of cherry bark vanilla bitters, topped with champagne, and a drop of orange bitters to finish.

Hand-created bitters add many complexities to this seemingly simple opening drink.

Chef Begnaud and sous chef Brian, team up to produce our first course of Citrus Cured Salmon. This dish was prepared using Bittercube orange bitters and paired nicely with the “Windsor Forrest #2” that contained Rehorst gin (1.75 oz), green chartreuse (.25 oz), fresh lime juice (.75 oz), simple syrup (.75 oz), and Bittercube orange bitters (15 drops). Combine all and shake…mmm.

This the finished Citris Cured Salmon, a very refreshing bite. I don’t have a picture of the “Windsor Forrest #2,” but you can see the one taken by Joy, of Eating the Mineapple here.

The next dish was Smoked Mushroom and Goat Cheese Strudel topped with a poached egg. Oh, did I mention the poached egg was fried?

After digging into our final dish, I took a sip of the “Ms. Cromwell.” This drink contained Roaring Dan’s Rum (2 oz), Fennel Pollen Honey Syrup (.25 oz), Bolivar Bitters (15 drops), and a rinse of Amerique 1912 Absinthe Rouge. It was stirred with ice, strained into the chilled Absinthe-rinsed glass, and garnished with a small lemon shaving. A refreshing end to the evening.

Nick, Ira, and Tommy entertained, informed, and all in attendance appeared to leave satisfied. This was a great time and I couldn't leave without getting a pack of six Bittercube bitters. Time to experiment!


  1. A deep fried poached egg sounds just about amazing right now.

  2. Proof you're smarter than me - I only bought one there and had to go back later to buy more. Fool! Great to meet you and thanks for the shout out!

  3. Man, I'm sad I missed this one! Nice post!


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