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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spoon - Apple Valley

When I saw that a new restaurant had opened in Apple Valley, I got a bit geeked out. I came across a takeout menu in a store and started highlighting all the things we'd likely eat, a habit of mine when it comes to new restaurants. I was so excited that I decided we had to try it that night.

Spoon, a Vietnamese restaurant, is a great fit for our takeout needs. The first time we ordered from there, we were awed by the Lemongrass Tofu. The tofu had a nice texture and the lemongrass sauce was refreshingly fragrant. I only wish I had taken a picture!

I also ordered taro bubble tea, which was made to order. I have a feeling I might be stopping for dessert more often.

The second time ordering from Spoon proved to be a tad less awesome. We tried an order of orange chicken and while good, the accompanying vegetables looked a little drab.

The tofu lo mein was insanely greasy. You can't see it in this picture, but there was a puddle of grease under the noodles. Bummer!

Two slightly underwhelming dishes isn't enough to make me swear off the place. I'm still eager to go back and get more melt-in-your-mouth wontons and try the Singapore Noodles or maybe some dim sum on the weekend.

Spoon Restaurant
14871 Granada Avenue
Apple Valley, MN 55124
(952) 891-2668
*warning, music plays on the site

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  1. I live right by there! And I'm vegan so I'm always looking for yummy veggie friendly places in the suburbs! Thanks for letting me know about this place!



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