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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Think Pink!

Last weekend we had a baby shower for my youngest sister, Amy, who will be adding the first girl baby to the family after a string of three boys. My other sister, Jill, handled pretty much all of the planning and did an excellent job.

Of course there was a lot of pink:

I was in charge of making a pink punch.

Which was a mixture of ginger ale, Hawaiian Punch, pineapple juice, and raspberry sherbet. Yum!

I also made fruit salad.

And per Amy's request: Chex mix.

The mom-to-be was very happy to be surrounded by friends and family.

I'm still in shock that my baby sister is having a baby of her own. Crazy how time flies!

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  1. Believe me . . . I'm still in shock, too, that your baby sister is having a baby. How did she grow up so fast? The shower was beautiful and everything was tasty!!!


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