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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Four Courses at Haute Dish

After my great dinner of lobster on Friday night, I headed over to The Inn (the former Subo restaurant in downtown Minneapolis) for a birthday hour. I was there for quite some time as I was served a hefty but delicious bourbon drink and needed some time to sip it.

The group I was with decided it was time to "break some stuff" to which I responded timidly, "but.. I don't like to break things". Turns out they were simply talking about keeping the party rolling by heading over to Haute Dish. Whew!

Since I was with a bunch of food lovers (including a chef, an author, and a food writer), the best way to explore the menu was by diving straight in, sampling all four courses. I only snapped a few pictures of the first course (with my little point and shoot), but let me assure you that we tried a good portion of the menu.

I was pretty surprised that a restaurant served a plate of cottage cheese, but it was certainly the best cottage cheese I've ever had. Topped with charred grapefruit segments, slices of fennel, and candied hazelnuts, I never knew cottage cheese could be so fancy.

Poached eggs are all the rage, heck, eggs in general are all the rage as evidenced in the poached egg salad, steak and eggs, and pigs in a blanket (served over scrambled eggs). Check out the fantastic photos on the Haute Dish website - mine hardly do the restaurant any justice.

I wasn't a big fan of the pigs in a blanket or the fried chicken (a bit too salty for me), but I did appreciate the fun twists Chef Landon Schoenefeld used in his creations. Crushed Cheetos served as a garnish on a tender veal dish and the Minnesota staple of tater tot hot dish was truly redefined as haute food.

The array of sorbets for the fourth course were also wonderful with my favorite being the passion fruit sorbet. Luckily, it went relatively untouched by the rest of the table, so I happily finished it off.

Most of the menu is pretty meat heavy, so between this dinner and the sneak peek of Smashburger (to be discussed in another post), I certainly exceeded my normal meat intake. Since I usually focus on healthier veggie based foods, I'm expecting my digestive system to repair itself quickly.

Have you been to Haute Dish? What did you try? Did you get a chance to check out the vegetarian tasting menu when it was offered?


  1. Everyone is stealing my closing questions! :-)

    I haven't been there but I really want to go however I don't think my wife would want to join me thus eliminating it from the list :(

  2. Ha - you're right! Although I'm not intentionally stealing - I'm just trying to get some conversations going and wish I had a better comment system to facilitate that. Oh well, someday I'll get better at technology.

    I say you and Kim go and just split a main dish. While I wanted to check it out since it opened, I was a bit afraid of the menu. Turns out, I had nothing to be afraid of.

  3. Oh man, the General Tso's Sweet Breads are to die for! Their tartar is also fantastic!

  4. Keane - Agreed! The tartar along with the oyster shooter was on my favorite list. And yes, I tried sweet breads for the first time that night, but much preferred the rice part :)


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