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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Olive & Cheese Crackers - What Next?

Not too long ago, I tweeted this in reference to a blog post I enjoyed:

Ask and you shall receive, right? Lucky me, I received 5 cookbooks for Christmas this year and couldn’t wait to dig in.

I was really excited about Gourmet Game Night, a finger-foods cookbook I came across in a friend’s wedding registry. Determined to make something before she could crack the cover, I scoured my kitchen and found the necessary ingredients for Olive and Cheese Crackers.

Since I often buy food items I don’t quite need (yet), it was pretty easy to find a jar of pimento-stuffed olives, 2 sticks of butter, sharp cheddar, cayenne, salt and flour. The crackers were really yummy (duh, they are filled with butter and cheese), but I feel like they need something else...

I still have a ton of dough to bake, so help a blogger out. Should I turn them into sandwich crackers with some sort of filling (maybe with jalapenos) or create a dip/spread to serve them with?

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