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Monday, October 11, 2010

Glorious Punjab!

I had the most amazing meal over the weekend! A group of us went to Cooper in the West End (aka St. Louis Park) for Ryan’s sister’s birthday celebration. Since I had a gift certificate, it was a great restaurant to pick (thanks, Rachel!).

Cooper is pretty neat inside and similar to the new Kieran’s (same owner), it has thick curtains, dark woods and intricate wall decorations, making you think it’s an old-timey restaurant when really it was built in the last couple years.  Bonus points for graciously serving a party of 16 without any problems.

Looking over the menu filled with Irish fare, one item jumped out at me as pretty unique, the Punjab Glory. It was a surprising discovery to find such a great vegetarian dish on the menu and we just had to try it.

Tender carrots, green beans and cauliflower were tossed in curry spices and coconut milk and served alongside tender black lentils and basmati rice with little bursts of golden raisins. Talk about awesome! Everything was cooked perfectly and the flavors were on point. If only Cooper were closer to my home, I’d order this for takeout on a regular basis. Guess I just have to try to recreate it at home.

Have you ever been to Cooper? What did you think?


  1. I did visit Cooper, but it was more of a happy hour, we sat outside and I can't even remember what we was good though and seems like a fun place!

  2. Oooh,it looks good and sounds good. I haven't been there but it's been on my radar. The Punjab dish has bumped the Cooper up a few spots on my restaurant list.


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