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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lunch (and dessert) on the Town

Most days, I eat lunch at home. I work at home, so it doesn’t make much sense for me to make lunch runs on a regular basis when I have everything at my fingertips. I usually reheat leftovers, make a quesadilla, or chop some veggies for tuna salad. It’s best to keep it simple so I can remain focused on my tasks for the day.

Today I decided to switch things up a bit and meet some friends for lunch in downtown Minneapolis at Lyon’s Pub. We had a wonderful lunch full of chatting and food (to be covered on Twin Cities Food Finds) and it got me out of the house for a little bit.

Afterwards, I wandered down to see how the new food truck, World Street Kitchen, was doing on 5th and Nicollet. Last time I was in Saffron, Saed (the co-owner with brother, Chef Sameh Wadi) gave me a little preview of what the food truck was going to offer, so it was really exciting to see a line five people deep waiting for Banh Mi sandwiches, lamb tortas, and the newest Yum Yum Rice Bowl.

Chef Sameh working the crowd
I know I came for the food, but I was really excited about the stickers!

If you’ve ever seen my planner, you know I love to collect stickers. Each year it’s like a mini statement piece, representing places I’ve traveled to or things I’ve done, so I was really excited when Saed told me to take more than 2 stickers. Score!

Since I already ate lunch, I went for dessert: the salted caramel ice cream sandwich.

Yum! The chocolate cookie was soft and the ice cream was firm, a sign of a fresh ice cream sandwich.  While I’m not one for chocolate (maybe a coffee cookie next year?), I do enjoy salted caramel, especially in ice cream form. The dessert was easy to eat which was nice since I ran into some Twitter friends and didn't want ice cream dribbling down my shirt mid-sentence.

If you catch yourself in downtown around lunch time, check out the street food along Nicollet Mall and Hennepin Avenue. Heavy Table has a great guide here. You’ll be sure to find some good eats and in my case, some good company too.


  1. It was great to run into you today! That salted caramel ice cream sandwich is killer.

  2. I just had salted caramel ice cream from 112 the other night and it was AMAZING! I need to track down this food truck!

  3. I've loved ice cream sandwiches since I was a kid. They are still one of my favourite treats. I wish I was closer to try this one. Yum!


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