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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ingredient: Black Garlic

What an overwhelming response on my last post from wonderful Des Moines residents! Just goes to show that not only do they have a fun city, but it is filled with great people as well. Visit Des Moines!

After tomorrow night’s dinner, my birthday celebration will be officially over, but until then, I’ll keep talking about it :) In addition to a bunch of CDs (Rodrigo y Gabriela, DJ Nu-Mark, Phoenix, Florence + The Machine and The White Stripes), I received a couple food gifts, one of them being black garlic.

I’ve been curious about black garlic every since my friend, Kate, used it in a breakfast dish. It is a pretty unique ingredient; whole bulbs of garlic are heat fermented for a month or two resulting in a soft and slightly gummy black garlic clove.

Not only is black garlic good for you (it has twice the antioxidants of regular garlic), but it tastes good too. Ryan and I split a clove and found that it is sweet, slightly molasses-like with a hint of licorice. While it does have a little garlic flavor, it is nowhere near as pungent as regular garlic.

I have already started to brainstorm on ways to use black garlic, both in sweet and savory applications, which I’ll share here on the blog as I make them. I’m also open to suggestions. Have you used black garlic before? What do you suggest I use it for? I have 7 bulbs, so it should last me awhile – bring on the ideas!


  1. Roll up some halved cloves in some Artisan Bread! I can imagine it would make amazing roasted garlic bread!

  2. I too have been curious about black garlic and am looking forward to what you create with it. And I love the sounds of Rodrigo y Gabriela. What amazing guitars!

  3. I've had dreams lately about the black garlic ciabatta Michelle Gayer made for the first Tour de Farm dinner this season. Catherine's totally right -- bread's the way to go for at least a few cloves!


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