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Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Melons Walk Into a Bar

As someone who likes to frequent farmers markets, I admit to being pretty deficient this summer. I’ve only been to the market 10 times this season and while that may seem like a lot, it is poor attendance for me. However, this last weekend, I felt back on track by getting to the market on Saturday AND Sunday. Yay!

First, I ventured out to the Minneapolis Farmers Market on Saturday. My neighbor and fellow South Metro blogger, Bill Roehl was doing a cooking demo on one of his favorite topics, peppers. For those of you who read his blog, you know he’s a big fan of hot and spicy, so his topic was quite appropriate.

After the demo, I shopped the stalls of the market for quite some time loading up on all kinds of goodies like Japanese eggplant, butternut squash, zucchini, onions, cherries, and watermelon. My most exciting find was this:

Sure it looks like a cantaloupe, but when you cut into it you’ll find green, not orange.

It’s not honeydew either, but it IS a crossbreed of the two, called the galia melon. The Gysland Brothers stall was offering samples and while others were gushing over the Crenshaw melons, this galia melon had me intrigued at its surprising banana aftertaste. I knew I made the right choice when Ryan gave his approval (he dislikes both cantaloupe and honeydew). Score!

On Sunday we were headed to the Uptown Market for a Foxy Falafel fix when I got a message from the Chef Shack telling me to swing by the Kingfield Market. Their wish was my command so we jetted to Kingfield and found out that Foxy Falafel was there too! It was almost like a celebrity sighting with Ryan tugging my shirtsleeve whispering, “she’s here…right over there…see her??” Ryan tried Foxy’s new beet falafel (thumbs up from us non-beet lovers) and I got the Sabich (eggplant, hard boiled eggs, cabbage and hummus) and loaded it with tangy Amba and spicy harissa sauce.

I have to admit that we never made it to the Uptown Market (since we were going for falafel anyway) and instead loaded up on pears, apples, corn, tomatoes and some local eggs from Kingfield.

It felt great to be back at the farmers market this weekend and now I have a ton of healthy produce to counteract the unhealthy state fair food I’ll be eating this week.

How often do you go to the market? Any great finds to share?


  1. I usually go to the markets on Thursdays for vegetables and on the weekend for meats and eggs. Why do I make two trips? An excuse to get out of the office on a Thursday afternoon I guess and the fact that Curt's Salsa is only there on Thursday.

    No great finds recently aside from huge buckets of habaneros for $5 one Thursday. I really think that the market has been a bit expensive so far this summer and I long for the days towards the end of the fall season where prices will be back to where my wife is happy with them--dirt cheap.

    Crystal, thanks so much for coming out and supporting me on Saturday. Your questions were excellent and I appreciate your being there like you can't believe. I made your husband's veggie stuffed poblanos (slightly modified based on what we had on hand) and man were they ever good. I think we'll be making enchiladas that way from now on.

  2. I shop the Minneapolis Farmer's Market weekly, unless we're out of town. I haven't had any shockingly cheap finds this summer, but other than some wormy pears this week, I've been delighted with the quality I'm getting for my money! There's no way we'd be able to afford to eat this much produce shopping at the co-op exclusively.

    I think I need to get in touch with your friend Bill so he can hook me up with some Curt's Salsa! I miss them on Saturdays SO MUCH!!!!

  3. Bill - I long for the end of fall season and cheap finds too!

    Catherine - I feel like I "bleed" money at the farmers market, but I suppose I'd feel that way if I spent only cash at the grocery store too.

    Speaking of grocery stores...I swear Curt's Salsa was being sold at Cub Foods now (by the deli section).

  4. I love the farmer's market. I get down right depressed if I can't make it. I go on Saturday mornings to both the Mill City Market and the Midtown market. I like them both for different reasons. If I happen to be out of town over the weekend, I typically hit up midtown on Tuesday after work.

  5. I think fresh produce and State Fair fried food cancel each other out, don't you think?

    Re: farmer's market visits, I've been trying to go on Mondays and Thursdays since there are markets right by my house on those days; can't get any easier, right? But still I don't make it every week because of work or other obligations. Good intentions...

  6. I love the Gysland Brothers!! They have some killer heirloom tomatoes too. Come back to the market this weekend and hang out with us at the demo station. I think we have pickling stuff going on this weekend. I am psyched, I have never done any pickling..


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