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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can Box Lunches Rock?

After spending many years in an office environment, I’ve had my share of box lunches: plain boring sandwiches, a bag of chips (or a cookie) and your choice of pop (which is usually picked over by the time I get to it). The nutritional profile of a lunch like this is quite poor. Sure, some eateries have gotten oh-so-inventive and added a little bag of carrots or a mushy apple, but that still does not change the fact that there are a lot of nutrients (and pizzazz) missing.

During those lunch meetings, I took plenty of notes...notes on what would make great box lunches!  If I owned a catering company, I’d offer things like fresh green salads (no iceberg lettuce, please), chopped fruit, veggie noodle dishes, and inventive wraps and sandwiches. Instead of pop, there would be plenty of water and freshly brewed iced tea.  Since we all need something salty and crunchy, I’d offer some seasoned pretzels or chips and guacamole.

Isn't a sandwich like this so much more exciting?

Focaccia bread slathered with basil pesto and piled high with marinated mushrooms, roasted red peppers, sautéed onions, romaine, and freshly sliced tomatoes. This is such a great sandwich and I brought it to a recent family gathering along with Blue Cheese Potato Salad and sliced watermelon.

If I were served something like this for lunch, maybe I'd be taking notes on the actual meeting rather than daydreaming about a future in catering.  Well, okay, maybe I'd still be daydreaming, but at least I'd be full and happy!

How would you spice up boring box lunches?


  1. I'd go the route of bento style box lunches. A big part of the draw for me is that they are so visually appealing. Besides that, they are often very good for you and easy to eat.

  2. Good idea, Kris. Bento boxes are fun and what's awesome is that they have to contain variety :)

  3. Okay, that sandwich looks fabulous! And now...I am starving.

  4. Whenever I'm at a sponsored event or volunteering, we usually end up with the box lunches, and I'm always reminded of elementary school. "I'll trade you my ___ for your ____!" Based on your pictures, I'd trade for everyones watermelon. :D

    I can see how box lunches end up the way they do... a sandwhich/bag of chips/piece of fruit is pretty dang economical. But you're right - boring! The "box lunches" that I've seen catered from French Meadow are excellent - I'd love to see more like that!


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