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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Are These?

First off, I have a question for you: What do you think these are?

I’ll get to that answer in just a moment.
I'm a member of Social Media Breakfast (SMBMSP), a monthly gathering for professionals using social media. Typically held on Friday mornings, it consists of a panel discussion, Q&A, and networking. It’s also pretty well known for its abundance of bacon which recently led to bacon themed products. I suppose an abundance of apples just wouldn’t carry the same buzz as bacon does.

Last Friday SMBMSP was held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (in the historic Progress Center) and was focused on Urban and Organic Gardening. Panelists were movers and shakers in this arena who use various forms of social media to get the word out. If you are interested in watching the discussion, here's the website.

Left to right:

Barbara Hegman, PlantJotter
Susan Berkson, Minneapolis Farmers Market
Kirsten Saylor, Gardening Matters
Debbie Morrison, Sapsucker Farms
Lee Zukor, Simple Good & Tasty

The running theme was, “we are collaborators, not competitors”. Social media is a great way to share ideas, partner with others and have a continual feedback loop. We are getting more and more in touch with our food every day thanks to farmers and farmer advocates sharing information through websites, listservs, Twitter and Facebook, but not every farmer is able to do this just as not everyone can farm.

Have you ever considered?
  • Trading your time and skills in social media for fresh produce?
  • Volunteering your time to help with garden plots for the elderly?
  • Starting a container garden of herbs, lettuce, and hot peppers?

Think about it. Do something. Get involved!

As for the above picture…those are seed bombs. Guerilla gardening in a neat and tidy ball of dirt, seeds and clay. What seeds are they? Who knows! That’s the point. Yards to Gardens passed these out around 100 of these seed bombs at SMBMSP. I can only imagine the awesomeness that will result from planting these bad boys all around town.

How do you get more in touch with your food?


  1. Seed bombs are such a good idea ... kinda like bath bombs, only with more long-term results!

    Chatting with the farmers at the farmer's markets on the weekend has really made a difference for us. We learn all sorts of new things about the food we're eating, how it's raised, and we get to share ideas and recipes with the people who know our food intimately. We've also met a lot of great people we'd have never found if we hadn't started connecting!

  2. Without social media, I wouldn't have met you!


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