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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spargelfest + Harvest for the Hungry

You know how much I love asparagus, right? It doesn’t even matter if it does this. So, last year when I heard about Spargelfest at the Black Forest Inn, I got pretty excited but totally missed out.  However, I did not miss out this year thanks to an invite from Black Forest Inn themself! Yesterday I was lucky to enjoy an asparagus lover’s dream – an entire menu of asparagus for Spargelfest:

They started me off with a Spargeltini:

This was made from asparagus infused vodka and couldn’t be simpler. Just leave some asparagus spears in vodka for a week or so, strain and serve.

Next up was Cream of Asparagus soup. I had a hard time believing something this creamy came directly from the asparagus as it only had a dab of cream. I would absolutely come back just for this soup. It was so good!

Then I tried asparagus with local Fischer Farms ham wrapped in strudel dough. It was served with a fantastic mustard sauce that complimented both the asparagus and ham very well.

I was really eager to try the Asparagus Perogies. I love asparagus and I love perogies, so what a brilliant combination! The perogies were filled with cheese and asparagus and sat on top of an asparagus mousse garnished with a couple asparagus spears, crushed hazelnuts, chives, and red peppers.

Then, just when I thought asparagus options had run out, I was presented with this:

Yep, candied asparagus served atop lemon mousse. I’m sure you won’t believe me, but it was awesome! Not only was the lemon mousse excellent on its own (tart, fluffy and creamy), but little bites of candied asparagus with the lemon mousse made it extra perfect.

The asparagus served is local from the Southeast Minnesota Food Network, an organization of farms in SE Minnesota. Yay for local asparagus!

Spargelfest is an event to not miss. It runs just for a few more days through May 30th and if you dine on Friday, May 28th (tomorrow), 25% of food sales go to Harvest for the Hungry, a program of the Emergency Food Shelf Network. Isn’t it great that hungry families can get fresh produce instead of just processed junk?


  1. We went there last night and although the service was absolutely horrible, the food was good. Mine would have been better if they hadn't far overcooked (basically burnt) half of my order of sweetbreads. The asparagus however was cooked to perfection!

  2. Your pictures are amazing... and your choice of subjects delightful!! :) LOVELOVELOVED meeting you today. You just *might* have rocked my world. On a totally platonic and friend like way. Nothing weird or anything.

    Just sayin.

  3. I share your affection for asparagus, simply grilled is best, I think. And I am long overdue for a Black Forest Inn visit.

  4. Kris - I'm sorry to hear your experience wasn't totally awesome, but I am glad to hear at least the asparagus was great :)

    AZ Glass - Sounds like you need to broaden your palate!

    Amanda - LOVED meeting you too. We must see each other again soon.

    Mike - I hear Oktoberfest can be a blast at Black Forest Inn and I hope to take my husband there soon.


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