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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look! A Blog Post!

Well, hello there! Yeah, yeah, I haven’t blogged in about 10 days. My husband, Ryan, was sure to point this out last night saying, “I want blog updates! I keep clicking on your site and there’s nothing new. Where’s the rest of your Arizona trip?  Where's all our good food?” I suppose I should be flattered because he’s such a fan, right?  I guess it was the kick in the butt that I needed.

So anyway, perhaps I should pick up where I started slacking. I had a couple readers ask me some great questions about the Arizona Farmers Markets:

The produce was locally produced! Surprisingly, Arizona has a decent amount of produce farms around the Phoenix area, but just like in the Midwest, everything has its season. The markets close down in the summer because it’s simply too hot and dry to have abundance and variety. I would love to return in the fall to see the changes with the produce offerings.

Whit is a local (and a super cool girl – check out her blog), so she knows the surprising abundance of farms in Arizona. Sorry, Whit, I didn’t see any homemade yogurt, but I do make my own so I should do a how-to post sometime soon. Then YOU can make your own :)
I thought it was pretty nifty too! What’s Your Grind has a small batch roaster that they keep in the back of their van. They even have a 1-minute video demonstrating it on their website (scroll down to the bottom).
I still have a ton to say about my Arizona trip, but I also have plenty to say about the excitement of spring coming to Minnesota. So hopefully I can tackle both – perhaps my weekend posts can take me back on vacation while my weekday posts stay focused on real life. Deal?

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm always surprised that people assume that Arizona doesn't have farms; we may be mostly desert, but 35% of our land is farmland! The saddest thing is that we DO have to close down farmer's markets over the summer, but they come back again full swing in September.

    I'd love for you to post a yogurt how-to! I know the basics...I'm actually thinking about getting permits and selling homemade raw milk yogurt at the farmer's markets here. I feel like there's a market for it!


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