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Monday, April 12, 2010

D'Lish Drive Thru - Scottsdale

Hey blog readers! Hope you’re hanging in there while I’m eating my way through Phoenix. I have been able to check out some really cool places, eat some great food and meet wonderful people. While searching for free wifi, I stumbled upon the best “home base" called D'Lish Drive Thru. It’s close to home, sells amazing fresh vegetarian food, has a great vibe and best of all, the workers are really cool. Not only has Adam been a gracious host, but he has provided excellent suggestions on where to get a pedicure, where to go for fresh Mexican food, and he constantly keeps my water cup filled (much needed in this dry heat).

It’s a pretty small place with only a few tables, but the coolest thing is that it has a drive thru with a ton of regulars. I’m amazed at how many people call ahead to order things like Protein burgers (mix of quinoa and black beans) and Buzz shakes (peanut butter and coffee) or just stop in for a superb hummus platter. I love the fast food concept that provides healthy menu items.

Of course I had to try the hummus platter for myself. It’s only $5 and you get hummus topped with sweet basil pesto, feta cheese, fresh veggies and doughy herb bread.

I also found that down here they have something called a dirty chai. Maybe it exists in Minnesota, but I’ve never heard of it. It’s a mix of housemade chai with a couple shots of espresso. Not too sweet and not too coffee like, it’s surely addicting.

Overall, it’s a totally cute place that I wish existed close to my own home. They took what used to be a normal coffee shop and turned it into something quite popular. If you’re in the Scottsdale area, I strongly recommend stopping by D'Lish Drive Thru.

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  1. Love the sound of this place... and they have wifi too? Awesome.

    Am getting a kick out of your adventures. So glad you're sharing with us as you go!


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