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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arizona Farmers Markets - The Camelback Market

Checking out farmers markets in Arizona was at the top of my list. I quickly had visions of farmers selling unique ingredients like cactus leaves, colorful edible flowers, and super hot chiles. Looking back, I was surely setting myself up for disappointment because I did not see any of this. Instead, I saw something slightly different…

Bright and early on Saturday morning, we headed out to Vincent’s Camelback Market. Since this is held in the parking lot of Vincent’s restaurant and only has one produce stall, it’s more of just a “market”, but still a fun market.

It was quickly apparent that most people go to this market for breakfast as there were long lines for crepes, omelets, pastries and coffee. They even had a vendor serving champagne and mimosas! However, I spotted the brick oven pizzas and went that route (sorry Jamie Oliver, I did have pizza for breakfast).

They offered fourteen different pizza choices and I couldn’t decide between the Margherita and the Four Cheese so I got half of both.

After passing up the jewelry and fabric vendors, I stopped to chat with Carolyn of Carolyn’s Classics. She makes jams and jellies with all kinds of fruits. She even blends some with jalapeno for a nice kick. I had my eyes on the fig jam (as did Merrilyn), so we grabbed the last two jars and clung to them tightly because only a minute later a local came running up demanding fig jam. Whew, grabbed them just in time!

Merrilyn and I also stopped at the next vendor and picked up a couple homemade mustards. I’ve never seen a mustard vendor before, but he had all varieties. I stuck to the basic Irish Pub Mustard.

With our bellies and bags full, it was time to move onto the next farmers market in Old Town Scottsdale, which was much bigger and as a result, had more variety.

Next up...Old Town Scottsdale's Farmers Market

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  1. I enjoy market breakfasts...being outside, people watching, enjoying the company...and pizza is always good with me for breakfast, although it rarely happens. When the opportunity arises...TAKE IT :)


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