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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meal Planning Meditation

Blogging lately has been a little weird. Usually I do a lot of meal planning and cooking at home, but I’ve been tied up with eating out and working on a recipe testing project. Also, with Ryan putting in so many hours at work (he’s a CPA and duh, it’s tax time), we’re not doing normal blogworthy dinners.

So, when my schedule cleared up and I had an opportunity to cook at home, I was pretty excited. Not wanting to go to the grocery store, I started to meditate while driving home.

Yep, I meditated with my eyes open while driving.

Kind of funny to think about really, but it worked. I started with one ingredient I knew I had in the fridge: asparagus.

I pictured it in my mind.
I envisioned ways it could be cut.
I repeated it in my head: asparagus, diagonally cut asparagus.

I thought of ingredients asparagus goes well with: green onions.
Asparagus and green onions.
Thinly sliced green onions with diagonally cut asparagus.

I continued to add ingredients such as tofu and soy sauce to my meditation until I remembered a blog post I did almost a year ago. Suddenly, I had my meal planned and I couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen and make this:

It felt energizing to be able to cook what I wanted and provide a healthy meal for dinner (and leftovers for Ryan’s lunch). It was also refreshing to look back at that blog post and remember why I blog.

I blog to share stories, information, and food ideas with friends and family. I blog so that I can look back and remember my life of food. I blog to build relationships with new people and to open the door to new ideas from others. I blog because I enjoy it.


  1. Those are all great reasons to blog! And as a result, our lives have been enriched by your blogging. Mmm, you turn out some great dishes Crystal!

  2. That looks delicious and now Im craving asparagus!

  3. Gan - I don't have your e-mail, so I'll respond here: I get really antsy this time of year and I'm known to call Lorence's farm repeatedly asking if asparagus is ready yet :) Soon, soon!

  4. Looks beautiful - that tofu looks like it has been cooked to perfection!

  5. I love getting back into my kitchen after a short hiatus!

  6. Crystal,
    I love how you cook and blog with intention and thoughtfulness. You are sharing a life lesson with us.
    Aunt Jill

  7. During busy weeks when blogging begins to feel like a chore, I have a real appreciation for this sort of meditation!

    Love the look of this gorgeous spring meal. Nothing like tofu that's been crisped up a bit and seasoned to perfection.


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