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Friday, August 21, 2009

Guac Off 2009

What do you get when you combine:

360 avocados
45 tomatoes
36 onions
18 limes
9 bunches of cilantro
Salt and pepper
27 secret ingredients

Besides a whole bunch of amazing guacamole, you have Metro Magazine's 2nd Annual Guac Off!

Last night, 9 teams (well, 8 teams as one was a no show) displayed their unique talents in a guacamole showdown competing for titles such as Most Authentic, Most Unique, Best Team Name and Audience Choice. Considering the names were pretty unique and the guacamole proved to be quite tasty, I knew the judges were going to have a hard time deciding on winners. In addition, each team was allowed 3 secret ingredients and while a lot of teams used jalapenos and garlic, there were some fun ingredients too such as mangoes, pineapple puree, bacon, lime zest, shallots, chipotle, sriracha, black beans, corn and radishes.

Here are a few pics from the guacamole competition. Note that due to the rain, we were all squeezed into a party room at Blue, so picture taking (and general moving) conditions were less than ideal. Add to that the 7 or so other press members taking pictures and it proved to be a challenging situation.

Team "Guac this Way". The audience screamed loudest for them, so I think they won something!

What do you do when you don't have enough counter space? Use the floor space! Great job team "Michelle Bachmann says our guacamole has a secret plan to annex part of Iraq" (is the government going to flag my blog for typing that?)

Turns out "Team Twitter" (aka Michelle Bachman...) makes awesome guacamole using pineapple puree:

My favorite of the night. Nice and spicy:

Team Montoya. Loved their authentic set up and their sweet daughter, Megan!

Guac Me Amadeus (secret ingredient = bacon):

The Hunt for Red Guactober. These guys were precise in their techniques and came wearing naval uniforms. Way to keep the theme alive!
While the teams were participating in the challenge, us guests got to drink D’Amico margaritas (read: MASA), and eat an array of finger foods:

An arrangement of tortas from Manny's Tortas. Vegetarian, Turkey & Cubano.

Yummy crostinis with blue cheese and red grapes from Barbette.

Award winning mango salsa from Baja Sol. Although they didn’t get to actually have “the shack” at the event, Carrie Summer & Lisa Carlson from The Chef Shack were whipping up some tasty watermelon gazpacho. I have to admit, I’ve never had gazpacho before much less a watermelon version. Let me say that it was delicious! I even snuck a little one home for Ryan to try. In the winter months, Carrie and Lisa will be traveling and getting inspiration for more fun foods next summer. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

As far as the guacamole winners go, I think they all were winners. The judging was a bit unofficial from what I could tell although there were specific judges. So, I’ll give you my winners: I was surprised to be pulled towards the spicy guac (Guactanamo Bay Detainees) and really liked some of the fruity guacs (Michelle Bachmann… and It’s 5 o’guac somewhere). Let’s face it, I love guacamole!

Big thanks to Natalie over at Vimlab and a “hello” to all the new friends I met from Metro Magazine, Twitter, Duffy’s Dinkytown Pizza, and Manny’s Tortas.


  1. What fruits were used in the fruity guacs?

  2. Oh my goodness! I love guacamole! This makes me want some! They all look so tasty!

  3. That looks so fun! I wished I would have been there!

  4. Good to meet you at the event. Let me know if you ever need help shooting a project.

  5. Sounds amazing! I love guacamole (who doesn't) and such an array of ingredients & great team names makes for winners all around.

  6. What a fun event! I love guac and all those entries sound so delicious. Great team names too.

  7. Guac Me Amadeus, hehe...
    Looks like it was a good time. Guac, yum!


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