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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pizza & Fellowship

So, there’s this little place in Wisconsin fondly referred to as “The Pizza Farm” which warranted a road trip last week. It’s kind of a big to-do as hundreds of people flock to it each Tuesday and wait in line for up to two hours to enjoy brick oven wood-fired pizza with ingredients grown right on the farm.

We finally had a free Tuesday to do the two hour drive (top down, of course) to Stockholm, Wisconsin and it was a gorgeous day to be driving in a convertible.

Of course we had to make a quick stop at Enberg’s Produce and shake hands with Mr. Mark Enberg himself. I was geeked out to see my WCCO write-up posted in his produce shop. He says the weekend after I wrote about him they sold out of everything he had. Coincidence? (probably, but let me keep thinking it’s all because of me –k-?)

After picking up a couple cucumbers, cauliflower and corn, we continued on our way until I saw *gasp* a cidery! What? Like hard cider in Wisconsin? How could I have never known this?

We went in for a tasting and came out with a couple packs of cider. My favorite is Bitter Love and I’m totally stopping there next weekend on our way down to La Crosse.

Driving just a couple miles down the road and we found what we were looking for: the pizza farm. Cars lined both sides of the street with both Minnesota and Wisconsin license plates. We hurried to grab a nice spot to enjoy the evening.

Should we go where all the people are at? (Some had extenstive set-ups, candelabras, vases of flowers, etc.)

Nope. Let’s find a relaxing shady spot (more our style):

And get in line for pizza (the Prairie Hollow cheese farmer from Mill City is in front of us):

Lots to choose from:

We’re told the wait will be 1 ½ hours and we were pizzas #154 & 155. No worries, we have cards:

And wine:

Pizza’s done exactly 1 ½ hours later! Basil Pesto with Sungolds and Pepperoni.

Sausage, tomatoes, onions, kalamata and green olives.

The verdict? The crust was doughy and totally awesome. Unfortunately, the crust was the best part. I wasn’t overly impressed by the pizzas themselves as they were a bit bland. We took a chance and tried the sausage and pepperoni as toppings (hey, had to try the farm raised stuff), but they were disappointing, so I picked it off the pizza.

Just as I scolding myself for buying two pizzas, a lady came out of nowhere looking to buy some slices. She arrived too late and couldn’t get served. So, we sold her 5 slices at $2 a slice and she tipped us a buck. Yay fellowship!

After a stop for ice cream in Bay City, we headed home for the night. I’d totally go to the pizza farm again with a group of friends or family. The drive down the Great River Road is absolutely gorgeous and a night on the farm is completely peaceful. Next time we’ll bring snacks, more wine, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Who’s in?


  1. So cool! I had no idea!!
    And yes, they probably sold out because of YOU!!

  2. Oh my gosh that is so awesome! I am so totally jealous of you. If I lived close enough for a road trip I would totally be headed there right now. Well, okay, maybe I'd wait until next Tuesday.

  3. Now I'm even more jealous of my group of friends that are making that trip today. I'd love to go sometime, but dang, Tuesdays?, that's hard to make work. Someday...

  4. I'm in for sure!!!!! Who cares how good the pizza is. It's more about the company and the ambiance, and with you, the company is always superb!!! Love You!!


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