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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Recipe Favorite - Sweet and Sour Broccoli and Tofu

A few days ago I mentioned Enberg’s Produce, where Ryan picked up some tasty veggies, one of them being broccolini. It was awesome in one of our favorite meals, Sweet and Sour Broccoli and Tofu. This time we threw in some carrots (also from the farm) and peppers, but totally forgot to cook rice for our dinner.

We used the no-rice excuse to enjoy some ice cream as an after dinner treat, so I assume it was meant to be.

I’m off to think about some kid-friendly foods as I’ll have my nephews for all three meals tomorrow. The six year old has requested a picnic with tacos. Think I can get away with making quesadillas instead? We’ll see!


  1. Broccolini might be one of my favorite veggies! Yum!

  2. Ooh that looks delicious! I love peppers and broccoli. What kind of ice cream is your favorite?

  3. Emily - it's so tender and a nice change from regular broccoli.

    Caity - my favorite ice cream depends on my mood. I love to get pumpkin ice cream if available, but I also love Mint Chocolate Chip. If I'm stuck with vanilla, a topping of granola and honey is a perfect treat!

  4. Love brocolini, and the recipe sounds fabulous. I love sweet and sour!

  5. Fantastic dinner!
    Love the versatility of a sweet & sour sauce. This looks so fresh and fantastic with all of that local produce!

    And who can argue with a bit of icecream for dessert! We're working our way through David Lebovitz's Perfect Scoop book -- so there's gonna be lots of icecream at our house in the upcoming months!

  6. Where is Enberg's located? Minneap or St. Paul?

  7. Annie - totally, it's a great sweet and sour sauce.

    Lo - I love David Lebovitz and love making ice cream. Perhaps I should get this book (although that might be dangerous on my waistline)

    Acura Part - Enberg's is south of St. Paul. Here's the addy:
    W8689 285th Avenue
    Hager City, WI
    (715) 792-2295

  8. I am looking for a sweet and sour broccoli recipe. Do you have the recipe posted anywhere. Your broccoli dish sounds delicious.


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