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Friday, July 17, 2009

Granola to the Rescue!

Well, I made it back from Florida. I’m so happy to be home and Ryan was very sweet to park and pick up my luggage for me.

I definitely missed Minnesota while I was gone. Florida is one hot and sticky state! Although most of my time was spent inside in air-conditioned meeting rooms, I did venture out for some activities like taking a ride on the famous Jungle Queen and sneaking away to the pool for a couple hours on Saturday where I got a great tan while dripping with sweat.

Remember all that granola and dried fruit I stuffed into my suitcase? It sure came in handy when the breakfast offerings were pastries, muffins, and sweet breads each morning.

I was able to enjoy a nice bowl of granola and milk which kept me going until lunch. I love the figs and apricots together with the crunchy almonds. Yum! I also toted around a bag of prunes to all my meetings to munch on. Prunes are fantastic little bites of sweetness and snacking on them helped me eat sensibly at each meal.

While I was gone, Ryan picked up some awesome veggies from a farm so I could get right back into eating well. We’ve made a few dishes using the carrots, broccolini, kohlrabi and potatoes, but Ryan took the camera to a work event so I’ll have to report back to you later.


  1. I'm so glad you are back!!! I've missed you and your yummy food!

  2. Wow that looks absolutely fantastic! I love your blog! I've recently decided to start a vegan lifestyle and I'm always looking for people with similar interests. Your food looks awesome.

  3. That granola looks so good! Which recipe did you use? We are going to Boston this weekend and in an attempt to save a bit of money and calories I want to bring breakfast and snack stuff with us. Granola would be perfect but I haven't found a great go-to recipe yet.


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