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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cupcake Pops to the Rescue!

What a great Memorial Weekend! We drove out to the herb farm, bought a bunch of herbs, veggies and peppers to add to our starter plants we had growing from seed at home. We finished all the planting on Friday, so that gave us the rest of the weekend to play tennis (we both still suck), go on runs (week 4 of my running program on deck), make and eat a bunch of food, and tune up our video gaming skills. I’m not supremely talented in the video game department, but I enjoy playing. My favorite is still Dr. Mario and now that our friend, Eric, showed us some tricks in Mario Party 8 on Thursday night, I’m eager to unlock some other levels.

One of the cool things I made lately would have to be Bakerella’s Cupcake Pops. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to make them, no matter how tedious a job. I ran out to JoAnn’s to buy the tools: lollipop sticks, bags, flower cookie cutter, and sprinkles. Then I ran to Cub to buy cake mix, frosting, white almond bark and regular chocolate bark. I forgot the M&M’s, but my sister picked some up for me. Then I got to work.

Here are the cupcake pops formed and dipped into the chocolate:

Ryan made me a special box to hold all of them upright so I didn’t have to spend money on Styrofoam.

And here’s the bite shot…yummy strawberry cake inside.

I made these for Ryan’s mom’s 50th birthday and the kids LOVED them. My niece, Ashlyn, wanted to skip dinner and kept saying, “Cake, cake!”

Big thanks to Bakerella for the awesome idea!


  1. Great post. Those cupcake pops looks amazing. Great pictures! (We got our herbs planted this weekend too, by the way.)

  2. These are the cutest!!! Can't wait to give them a try!

  3. Yours look great! I SO want to make these!! Maybe I will find some time this weekend :)

  4. Your pops look so beautiful! The rage here now is no more pops - just cakeballs.

  5. OK, those are just too adorable! I had to check out Bakerella's site to see how these are done. They are a lot of work, but for a special occasion, like a 50th birthday, they are well worth it. Well done!

  6. I'd like to live at your house.


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