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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Appetizers for Dinner - Thai Wontons

Here I go again, making appetizers for dinner. Just when I used up the last of the wonton wrappers, I had to go and buy some more. I was flipping through one of my newer cookbooks, The Healthy Hedonist, and came across a recipe for Thai Wontons that I just HAD to try. They took a decent amount of time to make, but boy were they worth it!

Sauté mushrooms and cabbage in olive oil and then simmer in coconut milk and green curry paste. Add bean sprouts, peanuts, and lime and start filling those wonton wrappers.

This time I fried the wontons in vegetable oil, but next time I plan to brush them with oil and bake in the oven to reduce the fat content. I was completely impressed that the wontons stayed together and didn't ooze out and make a mess with the oil. Either my technique is getting better or I'm picking the right fillings as I've had problems before with cream cheese seeping out and causing major splatters.

The filling was surprisingly spicy courtesy of the green curry paste. I also loved the crunch of the sprouts and peanuts contrasted with the sauteed mushrooms and cabbage. The wontons were served with a simple soy-sesame dipping sauce and made plenty for leftover snacks the next day. I can't wait to bring these to a party!


  1. Your description of these wontons over the phone made my mouth water. Looking at these pictures makes want them even more :)

  2. Crystal, you are the best! Thanks for always bringing great food into our lives! I can't wait to get the container garden going with you soon.

    These wontons were soooooo good...I love you!


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