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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Purple Smoothie - I Swear It's Green!

When you need a little boost of fruit servings, it's a good idea to whip up a smoothie. They are so easy to make and customizable to whatever you have on hand. Since we have a huge stock of frozen fruit in our freezer from our various picking ventures over the summer, we always have a variety to choose from.

This morning I wanted to make a "green" smoothie. That usually consists of throwing in some sort of green leafy vegetable along with the fruits. For this smoothie, I threw in spinach along with blueberries, pineapple, strawberries and soy milk. I also love spirulina (dried sea algae) in my smoothies - although it's known for it's health benefits, I add it for the taste.

So, while this is supposed to be a "green" smoothie, why is it so purple? Did the blueberries overtake the spinach and spirulina? Should I be adding more spinach (I used a handful)? I guess it doesn't really matter what color it turned out because it was an awesome smoothie.


  1. You did it right, I think. The purpleness of the blueberries always beats the green of the spinach!

  2. Yeah, I think blueberries win over every time.

    I usually make green smoothies with frozen peaches, pineapple, and banana, along with spinach and orange juice. Mine are very green indeed!

  3. You've reminded me that I need more spirulina. I need to get to Valley Natural soon, so you're timing is impeccable! You've also inspired me to make a smoothie, which I haven't done for a while!!

  4. I think I may want to make a smoothie now. I would have never thought to put spinach and blueberries together. What a great way to get your greens! (and purples) :)

  5. Just wondering... Did you use fresh spinach? Frozen blueberries and strawberries? Ice?

  6. Yep, fresh spinach, frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries (although sometimes I defrost the strawberries just a little before adding to the blender). No ice...I think it makes it more watered down. Hope that helps!


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