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Monday, January 5, 2009

Nepalese Dal

I am very excited to say that I received several cookbooks over Christmas and hope to use recipes out of all of them very soon. I've already started with the Nepalese Dal recipe from reFresh, which holds a collection of recipes from the Fresh restaurants in Toronto. I've never been to Fresh, but I can't wait to visit the next time I'm in Toronto.

I like that this recipe called for split yellow peas. I somehow ended up with a gigantic bag of them and haven't touched them in about a year. It also called for split green peas and surprisingly I had to run to the store for those. I was shocked at myself - I'm such a stocker that I was sure I had split green peas somewhere in the cupboard.

I also liked that this recipe had a few fresh ingredients to compliment the dried peas: chopped red pepper, carrots, potato, and frozen green peas. Check out all the veggies in this pic:

Although I cut this recipe down and only used 2/3rd of the ingredients, it still made quite a bit - probably about 6 servings when it should have made 4. (Diane, we have a plate for you in the fridge if you're interested). Here's the final dish served over some brown basmati rice and garnished with some cilantro:

On a separate note, it's come to my attention that someone has stolen a picture from my site and claimed it as their own photo (thank you anonymous commenter) on another site. It's really lame as it isn't too hard to a.) take your own picture or b.) e-mail and ask my permission! I know it's happened to a couple fellow bloggers who have written about it. Has it happened to any of you?


  1. That looks delicious and so colorful!

    Someone recently posted one of my pics on a Raw forum I belong to.. I was pretty shocked. I confronted the person.. (in a very nice way..).. she was very sorry and said she got it from Google Images.. *our pics show up there when we post them on blogger*..

    I just started putting text on my pic when I remember so it doesn't happen again.

  2. That dal looks wonderful!

    Sorry about your photo being ripped off. I don't think my pictures are nice enough that it would happen to me!

  3. I just cooked this following the recipe exactly. It calls for way too much broth.


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