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Monday, December 10, 2007

Jerk Tofu with Coconut Rice

One of the cool things about going to the Mall of America is you're bound to run into someone you know. Most of us Minnesotans stay clear of MOA around the holidays, but still try to sneak in visits when we know it won't be as busy.

Last Saturday was a prime example. We were in the process of getting hit with 7-9 inches of snow, so what better time to drive very slowly and carefully to the mall? Plus, Lush was having it's Grand Opening and giving away a ton of free stuff, so we HAD to go! Look for me and Ryan in the next Lush newsletter with our facial masks on :)

Imagine my surprise when I ran into a fellow food blogger,Catherine and her friend Courtney at H&M. We've been meaning to meet up again for awhile, but schedules get the best of us, so we were excited to see each other. Woo hoo! And, yes, that will probably be our last MOA visit until next year.

Onto the food...

Having some tofu I needed to use up, I reached for my trusty Vegan with a Vengeance and decided to make jerk tofu (rather than jerk seitan) and coconut rice.

I sliced the tofu pretty thinly, but kept it thick enough to not break. The marinade for this dish is very tasty without being too spicy. It really warmed us up on a cold night! The coconut rice is a nice touch, but lacked coconut flavor. I think it's due to using lite coconut milk instead of the full fat version, which is an okay sacrifice for me. I'd recommend making the jerk tofu again and maybe next time I could chop it up for topping on a salad or on a sandwich.


  1. MOA in December? That's brave!

  2. I agree with Taylor! And your meal looks yummy :)

  3. The Mall of America sounds fun to me, but that is probably because I live nowhere near it.

    Tofu looks yummy. I just love that cookbook.


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