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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Blueberry Post Part II - The Food

So, after reading about all the blueberries we picked, now you're wondering what we did with all of them, huh? We did a lot with them!

First off, we gave a bunch to our families and we brought some to work. Everyone was so amazed at how much better they were than the ones from the grocery store. That's fresh and local for you!

Then, we used a ton for breakfast in yogurt and granola or just ate them plain. We also used them in smoothies with some of the strawberries I picked earlier in the year (picked 17 pounds of those, but forgot to take pictures).

We also made ice cream - yep, blueberry ice cream is so awesome! Speaking of icy treats, we made milkshakes with the blueberries too.

Almost immediately, I made blueberry muffins sprinkled with a rock sugar topping.

For another breakfast goodie, I made blueberry cornmeal pancakes. Totally not the healthiest recipe as it uses eggs and butter, but I plan to modify it in the future.

I also HAD to make a blueberry pie! Ryan and I served this with vanilla ice cream. I was tempted to make another pie, but figured I'd wait until apple season.

As you can imagine, there were still a lot of blueberries left, so they are all in the freezer in foodsaver bags. It's great to have frozen fruit around to throw into dishes!

Now that you see what we did with our blueberries, what would YOU do with 20 pounds of blueberries?


  1. Next year I'll have to get Ron to go blueberry picking with me. At least I benefited from your hard efforts and got to have some fresh blueberries. I was also lucky enough to have a bite of your lucious ice cream.

    Unfortunately, I am still drooling over the thought of eating those muffins and that pie. Maybe next year!!!

    Love the pictures . . . seeing you both in action and what the farm looked like. Next time you'll know right where it is :)

    Love You -


  2. I want the pie...and all the rest, too.

    I think I'd have a blueberry wrestling match if I had tons of blueberries.

  3. you are so lucky, i wish i have them here!

  4. Wow and yum! All the goodies look so summery and delicious. Maybe you could make some jam and give them as holiday gifts.

  5. Blueberry ice cream sounds amazing. I've been meaning to make muffins for awhile too, but never get time.

    Pancakes are super easy to veganize. My favorite simple recipe is from the Rabbit Food Cookbook. Though I have been making sourdough pancakes a lot lately.

  6. Oh, everything looks so good! I'm getting my blueberry "fix" through you. If I had 20 pounds of blueberries, I'd certainly freeze a bunch of them for smoothies and pancakes throughout the year. I'd also explore some savory options like blueberry chutney and the like.
    I find that pancakes are easily veganized if you include vinegar and/or soy yogurt in the batter. A little bit of cornmeal also does wonders for the texture! I have a few pancake recipes on my blog if you want to check them out.

  7. I did no berry picking this summer, what kind of rotten Sconnie am I? I shall make good when apple picking comes around.

    That pie looks amazing!

  8. Yum yum, blueberries! Glad you are liking student's go vegan.

  9. The pie and the muffins! Oh wow. I love how beautiful they look.

  10. Blueberry pie is one of my favorites. Delicious! I was given some blueberries and made blueberry cobbler - which I will eventually get around to posting. Fresh picked are a million times better that the grocery store ones.

  11. Those photos are enough to put a blueberry attic into a blueberry induced comma. Everything looks amazing!
    I haven't been blueberry picking in years-now I wish I would have gone this summer while I had the chance :(

  12. Everything looks great...! I think I'd definitely make pancakes :)

  13. Wow! Blueberry heaven! It all looks so beautiful and tasty.

  14. I would take the opportunity to learn how to make blueberry jam or preserves... mm those are soo GOOD


  15. 20 pounds of blueberries, eh? Wowza. I love blueberry muffins, blueberry coffee cake, blueberry pancakes, everything. Doesn't Dreena Burton have a recipe for blueberry-maple syrup? That might be good. My favorite smoothie is yogurt, blueberries, and orange juice. I'm jealous! I wish I had more storage space . . . I need to take better advantage of the fall harvest!


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