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Monday, September 17, 2007

Beer Battered Everything

Thanks for all the blueberry ideas, I'll have to put them to use!

Sorry for the blogger absence. I don't really have a good excuse. Just a bunch of typical excuses I could use (work, lazy, etc.), but I'm all about moving forward.

Has anyone been watching Guy's Big Bite on the Food Network? He strikes me as a nice guy, so Ryan and I have been tuning in and getting some good ideas. One was beer battered onion rings.

I love onion rings and used to make them from time to time at our La Crosse apartment. However, Ryan hated them and the smell they left behind. So, I'd have to time my onion making just right. Ryan would have to be at work all day and I'd make them with both our fans going and all the windows open. I'd have to take out the trash, do the dishes, light some candles and douse everything with Febreeze before he'd come home.

My onion ring making skills have improved over the years and somehow the smell has diminished too through using various recipes and techniques by Bobby Flay and Alton Brown.

So, recently while watching Guy's Big Bite, we saw the proper technique using beer. We just went on the Summit Brewery * tour, so this was especially exciting for Ryan. So exciting that he ran to the store to get all the ingredients.

Ryan made Beer Battered Onion Rings and Portabello Mushrooms:

We had batter and oil left over that we didn't want to waste, so he went on to make Beer Battered Fish, Onion Rings, and Green Beans the next day:

Let me tell you - it can be exciting making food like this, but I know it's not exciting (or healthy) for our bodies at all. I couldn't even look at anything fried for a couple weeks after eating this.

*Summit Brewery is a local beer made in St. Paul, MN. It's really good and they have some great varieties that come out throughout the year. Ryan's been trying to drink more local beer since it doesn't have to travel as far (less gas used, less emissions, etc.). Try it if it's in your area!


  1. Those onion rings look sinfully delicious. Every once in a while I get a serious craving for onion rings like that. It's so dissapointing when you order them somewhere and they come out all sorry looking. Yours definitely rock!

  2. +1 for what VV said. Those onion rings really do look incredible. They remind me of the ones I used to get at the fair when I was little.

  3. + 2 to what VV and Jody said- I love using beer in cooking! It gives everything that extra oomph of flavor.

  4. Those onion rings look sooooo good! Thanks for the "insider" story about your days in LaCrosse and onion rings. I love to hear about the details of your life!!!

    I also really like the ecomindedness behind the local brewery beers. Way to take reduce, reuse, recycle to a level that is full of TASTE!!!!

    Love You Both -


  5. Oh you are killing me with those onion rings!


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