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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Crop Share #4 & Bridge Disaster

We are okay. We were not on the bridge. Our families are okay. It can't be denied that a major bridge collapsing is completely horrible and will disrupt lives (and traffic) for years to come. The rescue workers are continuing their efforts to find bodies in the river.

My family was very shaken up yesterday as my dad would have been taking that route to table tennis last evening, but decided to stay at work a bit longer. It is amazing to hear all of the stories from the locals here who just narrowly missed being on the bridge and those who survived. The news agencies have been doing a fantastic job on coverage and you can find up to date information here and here.

I finally uploaded pictures so I could post more on our crop share. Here's our 4th crop share (yeah, I know, I'm seriously behind). We're getting more color as the summer continues!

It contained:

Salad mix
Parsley, thyme, cilantro and dill
Carrots - both orange and yellow
Kohlrabi (similar taste to broccoli)
Fresh basil - multiple varieties
Spring onions


  1. Glad to hear you guys are okay! We were pretty shocked when we heard. We're sending some Canadian love and prayers your way! :)

    I'm all about the beets lately! Looks like you've got some delicious meals ahead!

  2. That was some crazy shiat! Glad you weren't on that thing...yet, sorry for all those others that were.

  3. glad to hear that you and your family are ok!

  4. So thankful your dad was not on the bridge. I called Ryan last night to make sure you were all okay, and he said you were on your way home and also told me about your dad.
    In my long years of life in Minnesota, this is by far the worst thing that has ever happened. I really do hope they'll do a better job at fixing bridges . . . especially since this one was noted to be "deficient" since 1990.
    I still have a few past blogs to read, but I am getting caught up.

    I Love You -


  5. i am so glad you and Ryan and your loved ones are all right. i had forgotten that you live in Minnesota!

    *HUGS* and prayers for all those affected by this terrible tragedy...

  6. Glad to know you guys are ok. This unfortunately is going to increase my phobia of bridges and tunnels. sigh.

  7. I was thinking about you yesterday. I'm so glad you posted to let us all know you're ok. Your crop share looks lovely.


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