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Monday, July 30, 2007

Millet & Black Bean Stuffed Peppers

Happy Monday! The humidity died down here in Minnesota, but the heat is still here, so it's very enjoyable. Ryan and I were able to continue our adventurous bike rides throughout Apple Valley and conquered 9 miles on Sunday. Nothing outrageous, but still racking up the miles for the lazyman triathlon.

Speaking of lazy...I still haven't uploaded any pics to my computer from my camera, so I'll talk about something we made a couple weeks ago - stuffed peppers!

I used Isa's recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance for Quinoa and Black Bean Stuffed Peppers. I could have sworn that I had quinoa - why wouldn't I? But, I was wrong as I only had quinoa flour. Argh, time to break out the millet. So, the peppers were stuffed with millet, black beans, tomatoes, and some other goodies that I can't remember.

The recipe made a ton and we even cut down the recipe. We tried to eat as much as we could, but in all honesty, we weren't too into this dish. Ryan even used it to fill tacos, so we did try to eat it all! Maybe it was the millet, maybe it was the blah tomato sauce. Either way, I think I'm sticking with my mom's stuffed peppers recipe for the future.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't care for these too much, they look so good. I think I'll try making something similar this week.

  2. Millet and black beans *sound* good... :)

  3. they looks so awesome, too bad you dont like them too much!

  4. So pretty - like a live stoplight!

    i have a weird aversion to stuffed peppers, tho i think i would love the red and yellow ones. When i was a kid my mom used to make the stuffed green ones and i abhored rice (and icky ground beef) at the time and the green peppers were always so... bitter. EEEEYAH. It's terrible how a bad taste from my youth affects my psychological thoughts on this and in turn, probably my tastebuds, too!

    Anyway, these are sure pretty, Crystal. Would love to see how your mom makes these guys sing!

  5. Yum- I love stuffed peppers, and this recipe reminds me that I haven't used millet in a long time- it's time!

  6. Your stuffed peppers look delicious and at least you tried really hard to eat them up even though they weren't your favorite.

    Now that's a new way to use garlic scape . . . kind of like putting a sprig of parsley on a platter :)

    Wish I had a bike so that I could be biking this summer . . . maybe I'll still be able to get one!

    Love You -


  7. It's a giant game of Blogger It, and you've been tagged. :oD I just got tagged earlier this week, and I'm sharing the fun. The rules of this funny little game are in my latest post, Tagged!. Hope you'll play!

    By the way, love the photo of the peppers!


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