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Thursday, July 26, 2007

BBQ Ribz

It is hot and humid here in Minnesota - we're just hoping the rain breaks this awful weather.

Ryan and I are doing the Lazyman Triathlon again this year although we started a couple weeks later than the YMCA does. This weather makes it really difficult to do any running or biking outdoors so we've taken the workouts inside for awhile.

I need to catch you all up on the crop shares we've been getting, but I need to get the pics from my camera to my computer sometime soon. We've been enjoying sweet corn, raspberries, and even orange watermelon!

Awhile back, we tried to make Fat-free Vegan's ribz. Here they are in the pan after baking.

As you can see, I couldn't get the mixture to fill the whole pan, but that didn't seem to matter in the grand scheme of things. Here they are sauced:

And here is the entire meal composed of sauteed Swiss Chard and onions from our crop share and some carrots that were steamed in foil on the grill.

Partway through dinner, I started thinking that the leftover ribz needed to go back on the grill for a little while before packing them for lunch tomorrow. Well, I completely forgot about them and they were totally charred by the time I remembered. So much for ribz for lunch!

I'd make these again - the texture was really good and a great way to eat BBQ sauce. They were really easy too!


  1. I've got that recipe bookmarked, but haven't made it yet. Soon.

  2. i need to try that soon! yours looks so good.

  3. Crystal, lovin' those ribz!! And your crop share... grilled. Does it get better than that in the summertime? Hope you get those showers and then more sun after that... cool but sunny would be ideal, no?

    Good luck with that lazy tri. i remember you posting about that last year! Has it already been a year since you two did that?! Good for you!! Can hardly wait to hear about your adventure with that this year...

  4. I really admire how healthy you both eat! You make everything look so appetizing.

  5. Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for the comment! This recipe looks fantastic! Good luck to both of you on the triathlon - that's awesome!


  6. hi, your blog is awesome and so are the ribs! they look very realistic, so maybe i can fool my non-veggie friends at next bbq...

  7. Love the presentation - it's like a boat of awesomeness :D

  8. Weren't these yummy? I have to make them again soon.

  9. I love those ribz and your plating looks so pretty@

  10. Now I've seen everything! Vegan ribs...impressive!!


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