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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tempeh Loaf with Miso Gravy & Mashed Parsnips

Ok, so this didn't turn out very loaf-like! It turned out more like a tempeh hash dish, but was still great. It is made of tempeh, miso, veggies and herbs.

We also made Miso Gravy. The miso really made the gravy tasty and it was served over mashed parsnips and potatoes. It was another one of those really involved meals, but very worth it as it's a "feel-good" meal. Everything is from the Real Food Daily cookbook. We love this cookbook, but it takes a bit of work to put the dishes together. As with anything, after awhile, we get the hang of it and things come together much more quickly.


  1. "Feel good" meals are my favorite - as are miso gravy and loaves. Try lots of bread crumbs and egg in the loaf to get it to stick together. It'll stick better the day after, if you can wait that long.

  2. comfort food! yum! looks great

  3. I *so* crave food like that sometimes. Yum.


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