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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

M.I.A. Apologies!

Thank you all for the well wishes. It definitely was not my intent to stop posting for over a month, but it just happened! My life has been incredibly hectic and I had to give up something, which turned out to be blogging. Luckily, the hectic-ness has been not been bad, just filled with friends, family, work, and lots of late nights out.

Ryan and I have still been eating well and taking pictures - hey - I even got a new camera since my last post. Courtesy of my sweet boyfriend, Ryan, who surprised me with it after a long night at work.

So, I'll be back to blogging very soon after a quick trip to Albuquerque and a visit from our friends from Virginia. Our crop share should be starting up again soon and I promise to be a much better blogger come June. See you then!
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