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Monday, February 19, 2007

Stuffed Mushroom Salad & Split Pea Soup

Little did we know when we first made these stuffed mushrooms that we'd have enough stuffing for many many takes on the dish. The mushrooms are marinated, then stuffed with a breadcrumb mixture, and baked in a dish of sherry and water. We also used the marinade to toss the spinach leaves in before topping them with the stuffed mushrooms. This is just such a light and yummy dish.

Recently, we made a Split Pea Soup recipe from Ina Garten - aka The Barefoot Contessa. All her recipes feed a huge crowd, so we have to remember to scale them down for our needs. This recipe is an easy one to put together because we usually have most of the ingredients on hand.

Today the sun is shining and I didn't need to use the heat in my car, so it's perfect to have the day off. Unfortunately, Ryan had to work, so he doesn't get to enjoy it as much.

Our friends are getting married soon, so we had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party on a party bus Saturday night. We had never been on a party bus before and were really nervous (I know, we're total dorks sometimes!). We had a BLAST though! It was great to reunite with Kyle and Jessica's friends and meet some new friends since we'll be spending a lot of time with everyone before the wedding on Friday.


  1.'s gonna be a while before we are able to turn off the heat in our car ;)

  2. Jeff - trust me...I live in was just a random-1-day-no-heat-in-the-car experience. I'm back to using auto car start today :)


  3. Hey Crystal! Your split pea soup looks delish, as do the mushrooms. I just found an awesome-looking recipe for millet-stuffed portobello caps . . . yay fungus! Your class at Cooks looks like it was tons of fun -- and tons of food! We do the same kinds of events at my store -- and I get to work some of them! Very fun. In fact, I'm working a teenager's birthday party on Saturday! Craziness.

  4. I love spit pea soup..

    and those mushrooms look great.

  5. Hay ewe guise!

    I have not been here in a while and wow, do i love the new look... probably not that new but to/for me it is.


    I'm also a big fan of pea soup and an even bigger fan of mushrooms so this post is mouth-watering, eye-pleasin', tummy-grumblin' good.

    A party on a bus? Oh, that sounds delightfully decadent... what a fun idea!

  6. I will definitely need the recipes for these two. I love split pea soup and have never taken the time to find a good recipe. Also, the mushrooms look delicious!!!

    Glad you two had fun on the party bus!!! At least you experienced it before you turn 30 :) We're looking forward to seeing you at the weddding!!

    Love You,



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