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Monday, February 12, 2007

Appetizers and Snacks

Yeah, I know, Superbowl is long over, but I'm here to talk about the appetizers I made anyway :)

Ryan and I kept it low-key this year. We wanted to actually watch the game and not have to worry about going anywhere. And, considering the high temp was in the NEGATIVES, I felt totally fine about staying at home.

We have been incredibly busy lately and tried to cram as much work in as possible before the game, totally forgetting about prepping the appetizers. So, here we are in our living room assembling everything on our coffee table while watching the game and commercials. Yes, we have DVR and can pause live TV, but it's tough to do during sports events.

Here are the potstickers we made. These are wonton wrappers stuffed with shredded kale, jicima, carrots, and green onions. We served them with soy sauce and thai chile sauce mixed together.

We also made more spanikopita. The whole Greek dinner was made recently for some of our friends so we still had some raw materials to make more spanikopita. We love these things! I typically use Athenos Sun-Dried Tomato feta cheese and realize that's the best. We used President's Greek Blend this time and it just wasn't as good. (Still very good though!)

The evening before the Superbowl, we went to a friend's house for game night and I brought the Chex Mix. As mentioned a few months back, this is Ryan's mom's recipe and it's a popular one. It's usually only made at Christmas and for camping, but I figured I'd throw together another batch for a casual get-together.

I am so excited to get through the workday as we have a super fun event planned for a work outing tonight. I work for a very large company and we have about 40 recruiters for our various divisions. We are all headed to Cooks of Crocus Hill for a cooking class/team bonding event! I hear there's going to be a competition, so we'll see how it goes. I'll take pictures!


  1. I'm betting on a win for the Cafe Cyan team at the work/cooking competition!

  2. Those potstickers look really tempting. So does the spanakopita. Great multi-tasking on your parts!

  3. What terrific Super Bowl snacks. Hell, terrific snacks period!
    Good luck at the competition. Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures. Sounds like it would be a blast.

  4. Wow, those are quite fabulous looking snacks. Can't wait to hear about your class/team bonding thing; what a cool idea! :)

  5. I love "picky" foods like this. I think it makes us adults feel like kids again.

  6. Great looking food. I love the homemade chex mix, that stuff is so addicting.

  7. Okay . . . I shouldn't have listened to Ron. I should have made some good appetizers for Super Bowl. He talked me into being lazy and just munching on whatever during the game. For him, that meant Pizza Rolls, which at first I said, "No Way!," and then proceeded to eat like 10 of them. Oh, well!! I'll just have to dream about your potstickers and spanikopita.

    I'm making some Chex Mix tomorrow night because Ron is having a poker party on Friday night while I go to book club. I won't have to dream about having that . . . I'll just make extra :)

    Love You,


  8. I just made a spinach and artichoke spanikopita from Fat Free Vegan and it was wonderful but I think the addition of sun dried tomatoes would make it even better. Great idea!

  9. Can we say ummmmm yummmmmyyyyyyyyy to all that food! Next time you should drop some of it by mom and dads house just so I can tell you if it tastes ok lol or um just make a extra batch of it all and bring it over lol it makes me so hungry looking at you guys page once more yummmy! ,Jill

  10. those pot stickers look amazing. what a great snack!



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