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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sloppy Lennies and Sweet Potato(?) Fries

Ok, so I bought what I thought was a Sweet Potato. From the outside, it definitely looked like one and felt like one. However, when I went to make fries out of it (like Megan the Vegan often does), I found the sweet potato was white! What!?! I pulled out my cookbooks and tried to figure it out, but no luck.

So, we cut it up into fries anyway and started baking. After about 30 minutes, the fries were done and we were able to try this mysterious potato. It was awesome! Tasted just like something from a bag of Terra chips. Not sure which root vegetable, but it was still good. Is it possible that there are white sweet potatoes? Was it a yam? Anyone know?

Anyway, we also made some sloppy lennies with spinach instead of the kale. We kinda forgot about the kale at the back of the fridge and by the time we remembered, it was too late. Oops! The sloppy lennies were served over whole grain english muffins and were very tasty.

While I enjoy these Sloppy Lennies, I also really liked the recipe Catherine from Food Snob had us test awhile back. I liked the heartiness of the French Green Lentils as opposed to the softness of the red lentils used in the above recipe.

Now, if I could only figure out the mystery behind that dang potato thing!


  1. I'm sure one of your knowledgeable fellow food bloggers will be able to help you out with the mystery potato. Of course, you know the answer is not coming from me :)

    I love sloppy lentils. Were they good with the spinach instead of the kale? I imagine there wouldn't be much difference, and you did say they were tasty. I like the idea of serving it over English muffins. I'll have to try the French green lentils.

    Love You -


  2. Was it taro? They sort of look like sweet potatoes and are white...and I think they are in Terra Chips too!

    Love the sloppy lennies! :)

  3. Sounds like a yam to me. I posted about a japanese yam awhile back, Dec. 19 I think.

    I don't like red lentils anymore. They just turn to mush. I'm into yellow split peas.

  4. It might have been a yam or a taro as Nikki said. Did it have almost a perfume-y floral scent? That's a yam.

  5. Hi! Although I haven't been commenting (time) I have been seeing your food posts. The lentils on the little crackers looks like a tatsey treat. I love sweet potato fries. Pre - Thanksgiving I bought a sweet potato that was yellowish in color, although not a yam (more orange in color) I think it ended up being just a different variety of the potato.

  6. I ALWAYS burn sweet potato fries! *pout*

  7. A white sweet potato. I'd be curious to know what it is as well. Obviously when you bought it it was in the sweet potato bin. That's weird.
    Sloppy Lennies! Why have I never made these?

  8. I see something like what you are describing in the chinese markets right next to the sweet potatoes. I bought them once and made fries from them....they seemed good. I'm not sure what they're called though. In fact, I'm not sure if what I refer to as a sweet potato is technically a sweet potato or a yam. I can never remember the difference~!

  9. Sloppy lennies look great--and I love the story of your surpirse fries.

  10. We have a white yam here too, that looks similar to the sweet pototo. maybe you got one of that. yum!

  11. My sister in law served me white sweet potatoes when I was in Louisiana last May. They were delicious. They're just another variety of the orange sweet potato, though not as sweet however. Try them baked, like a potato. I imagine they would be wonderful fried!

    Unfortunately I haven't seen them here in the UK. Maybe I'll try to sneak some in next time I fly home!

  12. So at the local co-op where I work right now, we have white sweet potatoes, as well as garnet and jewel "yams" with orange flesh. However, I did some research on this back at Thanksgiving and lo and behold what we call yams, are actually a different variety of sweet potato. They are all in the same plant family (morning glory). Apparently, a true yam is a variety native to Africa very rarely grown in the U.S. because it is not as sweet, and the orange sweet potatoes started to be called yams in the South way back. If it was a sweet potato, it should have had tan/brown skin. If that doesn't solve it, you need a tuber detective. Gosh, I really am a produce geek!

    CSA update and registration is on its way!!

  13. Wikipedia supports Farmer Laura's information . . . oh, how I love Wikipedia! I use it at work all the time when customers ask me crazy questions, like, "what's the difference between Dutch process and regular baking cocoa?" Tee-hee. :)

    Anyhow, sweet potato fries are AWESOME, regardless of what color they are!

    When are you and Ryan free, because we should have a dinner party involving apple pie (from my house) and other yummy things (from both our houses!) sometime soon. :)

  14. Looks so good.

    I love red lentils in dahl and soups.. but prefer either brown or green in other dishes..especially sloppy lentils... they need a sturdy lentil to stand up to the sauce, I think..

  15. Pretty colorful!

    Happy Weekend!

  16. Comments on your white sweet potatoe: "Iopomea batata," white sweet potatoe, has a firm, dry, mealy flesh, which is not stringy and usually very pale light yellow to off white in color. The skin is typically light yellowish-tan or fawn-colored. HELP I am looking for slips to plant on my organic farm. Anyone know where I can find some of the white sweets?


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