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Monday, January 8, 2007

Crispy Salmon & Spiced Lentils

Wow, can you believe I'm still trying to get over this cold? I lost my voice for 2 days and that's really tough for a talker like me. I think the cold is on its way out of my system, but I've been thinking that for quite a few days now and every day that I wake up, there is a new aspect to this dang thing. Let's hope it goes away fully!!

I haven't loaded my new meal pics on my computer yet, but I still have a meal from awhile back that I can share. I can't quite remember where I got these recipes, but they were great. I'm trying to get more Omega 3's from various sources; flax, hemp, other nuts, and salmon.

The salmon was cooked perfectly and served with an herb salad of cilantro, basil, parsley and spinach. We also made some spiced (aka - curry spiced) lentils as a side dish. The lentils were good, but not great. Maybe I just didn't like curry and lentils together. Who knows!


  1. Oh man...curry and lentils are a power combo for moi!

  2. I have been eating more salmon lately too. Yours looks really good.

    Yeah, I used to like lentils, but then I got sick a few weeks ago, and I had eaten lentils that day, and well, I won't go into exact details on a food blog, but I think you can figure it out. I won't be eating lentils - or kale for that matter - for a long time.

  3. curry is very good for you. tumeric especially...find away to eat itthat you like.

    okay? okay!

  4. Lentils! Love 'em. I just sprouted some actually!

  5. I like your idea of getting your Omega 3's from natural sources. I've been trying to add nuts and hemp to my diet, but I know it's not enough. So I've also been taking an OmegaPure 600 supplement. Your salmon looks superb.

    I have never used cilantro and basil in a salad. Silly me. I should know that anything leafy and green tastes fabulous in a salad. Afterall, I consider myself a salad conniosseur, which consists of taking everything in the veggie drawer of my fridge and making a salad supreme out of it. I'll remember this when we start our crop share and I need to get rid of everything.

    Hope you're finally feeling better. I remember another time you were limited in your talking . . . newly pierced tongue on an outing to the Arizona Zoo :)

    Love You,


  6. I love curried lentils! YumYum! Too bad they weren't a hit for you.
    Way back when I used to be a meat-eater, salmon was one of my favorites. Sometimes I miss the taste.

  7. Well those lentils may not taste good, but they sure do look and soudn good :)

    Hope you guys had a great 2007 celebration!

    One love,
    :) m.


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