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Friday, January 12, 2007

Craft Post - Necklaces!

TGIF!! I'm lucky to have Monday off, so it's a long weekend for me. Ryan, however, doesn't have the day off. He just started his accounting internship last week, so I'll use the day off to meet him for lunch and see his new work digs. I'm pretty excited! I'm also hoping to make it up to Trader Joe's and do some work on this blog.

In an earlier post, I mentioned some new necklaces I've been making. It's been fun and I've also held a necklace making session with Ryan's mom and sister. Here are a couple pictures of the necklaces I made for my coworkers' gifts. Stephanie and Diane help me out a lot at work, so I wanted to make something that they could use either as a necklace or a badge lanyard. (Hi ladies!!)

Here's a close up of the beads. I buy the beads from a big pot 'o beads at the bead store and it's really fun to pick out the neat ones.

One more thing I forgot to mention was that Ryan and I bought a fruitshare earlier in December. We had never done a fruitshare before, but wanted to check it out. We were not disappointed! We received a huge box of citrus fruits - grapefruits, oranges, satsumas, and clementines from organic farms in the U.S. We never took a picture because we dug right in and started eating.

The clementines were the best I've ever had - the sweetness was amazing! The oranges were bigger than grapefruits and the satsumas were really cool to try. I juiced most of the grapefruits for breakfast each morning...I just LOVE fresh squeezed juice!

We'll definitely be participating again in the future...can't wait for the peaches.


  1. How sweet that you're meeting Ryan for lunch <3 Love the necklaces, v. pretty!

  2. Love the idea of a fruitshare. I wonder if I could get something like that here. Satsumas are so delicious.

    Cute necklaces by the way!

  3. Haven't gotten my necklace done yet, but I keep plugging along, doing a little bit here and there. So it should be finished soon.

    I've only got a little bit of my Fruit Share left. You'll have to keep me up to date on when to order future fruit.

    Have fun seeing Ryan for lunch tomorrow. Glad you have a day off. Hope you're feeling better!

    Love You,


  4. Your fruitshare sounds amazing! Could you give some more information on it? I'd love to find something similar for here in upstate NY, where we don't really get too much fresh fruit in the cold months. I could just go for some clementines right now! mmmm

  5. ohh what I wouldn't do for some yummy fresh fruit!
    Love the necklaces.. I have quite a stash of beads - I just haven't taken them out in so long!
    Hope you had a great lunch.

  6. Your fruitshare sounds great, i love the necklaces, very pretty!

  7. the site has really good show of some of the necklaces and it models,the combination of it was with the pearls and stones which is awesome to look,they are just like chain in model,i saw some of these models in ..........necklaces


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