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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Homemade Sushi

When at Coastal Seafoods, we also picked up some sushi-grade ahi tuna, smoked salmon, sushi rice, and a rolling mat and thought we'd try sushi at home.

Sushi rice is a pain in the behind! Since this was our first time trying it, we were total direction followers as to not screw it up. So, instructions said to rinse the rice until is was no longer cloudy; we gave up after 45 minutes. Then we had to let the rice drain for 1 hour; we gave up on that after 40 minutes. Then, we have an electric stovetop, so we had to cook the rice over multiple burners at various heat levels for 15 minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes. The rice was a bit burnt. Oops!

After all those instructions, there were no details on sushi rice vinegar...were we supposed to add some or not? I added a little bit, but wasn't sure. The rice was really sticky, so I assume it was a success (despite the burnt pieces).

We made 2 kinds of sushi:
1.) asparagus, green onions, and cream cheese inside with tuna and avocado on the outside

2.) asparagus, green onion, cream cheese and marinated tuna inside with smoked salmon and avocado on the outside

For our first attempt, these turned out really well. They tasted just like the rolls at the restaurants we've been to. The appearance, though left much to be desired. We just don't quite have the rolling technique down.

Ryan and I both agreed that we'd much rather get sushi takeout than going through that rice ordeal again. Any suggestions for us on rice cooking techniques that are easier?

Tonight I have my last writing class. It's been a good course, but maybe not the right time for me with starting a new job that is consuming most of my time. However, the class has established a great foundation for more writing to come. I was at a complete writer's block before and now I know how to get the flow going again.


  1. Your sushi looks pretty good to me. Here are some tips I learned and things that I do...

    Get a rice cooker/steamer. I don't have the cabinet space and had to get rid of mine, but I looooved it. You'll never burn rice agian. - Hey Ryan, Xmas is coming. :)

    Add the vinegar. It gives the rice it's distinctive flavor. I rinse the rice briefly in a colander, drain briefly, cook it, let it sit for 10 minutes, turn it out in a large bowl so there's more surface area and the rice can cool better, poor rice vinegar with sugar and salt mixed in over the rice, and fold the rice slowly while trying to cool it. I don't rinse and drain forever and haven't had a problem.

    Cover your sushi mat with plastic wrap, so rice doesn't stick to the mat and then stick to the rolls.

    Work with the sushi rice with wet hands so it doesn't stick to you. Wet your hands with the rice vinegar mixture. Keep dipping your hands in the vinegar when you're pressing and handling the rice.

    If your knife isn't really sharp it's going to crush the sushi. Also, wet the knife when you cut rolls so the knife doesn't stick to the rice. Dip the tip of the knife into the vigegar mixture, point the tip up and let the vinegar roll down the blade of the knife, then cut.

    I don't make sushi all the time, but it's not hard. It takes a little practice. Don't get discouraged.

  2. Man...that looks also sounds like a hassle :Z

  3. So . . . maybe you'll be trying sushi again after Taylor's great suggestions??? Despite your thoughts on the appearance, it looks pretty good to me :) And I'm glad I get to see a picture so I can now visualize the meal you told me about!! Glad you're done with your class so you have a little more free time. Now you just need Ryan to be on Christmas break from school!

    Love You,


  4. I think it looks great! I just do a 1:2 ratio for the rice/water.. bring it to a boil, uncovered for around 3 minutes, then cover it and turn the heat off. It should be done in around 20 minutes. Don't lift the lid!

  5. We have a wide selection of rice cookers in the store . . . !! :) Come see me!

    Anyhow, your sushi adventure sounds exciting. Lots of work, too, but exciting! Even though I really don't like sushi very much, I may have to venture into sushi-making eventually . . . Dan loves sushi more than life itself. We'll have to see . . . !

  6. sushi = IMPOSSIBLE for me. you know what I do now? Take all the ingredients and make a "sushi salad". MUCH easier and just as good



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