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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pumpkin Seed Crusted Tofu & Apple Pie

This recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance has been on my mind for awhile now as it seems like the perfect fall/holiday meal to make.

We had never cooked a pumpkin before and didn't know what to expect. With Ryan's help, we mastered this recipe in less than 1 1/2 hours and made an apple pie too.

The tofu is pressed as usual and then coated in toasted pumpkin seeds, cornstarch, herbs, and flour before being lightly fried in a pan. The pumpkin was simply coated in oil and roasted for 45 minutes in the oven. We debated over making the cranberry sauce and since we had all the ingredients, I threw it together at the last minute. It really helped make the dish complete.

To round out the meal, we added some broccoli. This was blanched for 4 minutes, drained, and then thrown into a hot pan with olive oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper flakes. Finally, add a squirt of fresh lemon juice and shave some asiago or parmesan cheese on top.

Yum, yum, yum! The tofu reminded me of breaded chicken nuggets (without the chicken flavor, of course!) and was good on it's own or with a bite of everything else. We just loved this recipe and we better because we have a few leftovers.

Also, we finally made an apple pie with all those apples I picked. I'm not a crust maker, so I cheated and bought a store crust. It's just so much easier to deal with! The apple pie was fantastic and we served it with vanilla ice cream from Blue Sky Creamery. Mmmmm.....
Sorry, no pictures yet - each time we've eaten a slice, we've been pretty anxious to eat it, so no time for pics. Maybe later.

On a side note, I did host the first tofu workshop with Ryan's mom, Diane. We made the Stewed Tofu with Miso Gravy that I posted about a couple weeks ago. Although we cooked until my bedtime, it was still a success. Ryan's dad even tried some and liked it (minus the mushrooms, of course).


  1. Wow! the food in the dish in the picture makes me very hungry. I can tell it'd be very very delicious. I'm going to become Vegan Vegetarian.

  2. Crystal-

    This dish was great! I had fun making it with you and the leftovers are good enough to have two days in a row....mmmmmmmm.


  3. Now that I know how to cook tofu, I'll have to try it crusted with pumpkin seeds and, of course, the other ways you taught me.

    I like pumpkin and squash, but I need it with something on it. I can see why the cranberry sauce would be delicious with it. I'm not into putting butter and brown sugar on it or butter and salt and pepper, which is about the only way I've been told to have it.

    Also, the broccoli sounds fantastic. I've never really known how to cook fresh broccoli. So much to learn :) I feel like I'm finally learning the family recipes from mom :)

    Love You - Have a Perfect Day!!


  4. Oh that does look good! Holy colorful plate, batman! I'm so impressed with you guys being able to cut the pumpkin so neatly. And isn't homemade cranberry sauce great? Thanks for the recipe tips.

  5. Looks great!
    Too bad about the pie - Sometimes I make something fantastic and think 'of this will look great on my blog' and then halfway through eating I realize I never took a photo!

  6. I'd love to attend one of your tofu workshops :)

  7. Potluck's on Saturday! YAY! Oh! I responded to a comment or two of yours on my blog...thanks for your feedback!

    I love the colors in the dish above. Very nice!

  8. I love that that had pumpkin crusted tofu with your pumpkin...way to keep to a theme and tie your foods together!

    megan the vegan

  9. I'm not a crust person either... :) Glad to see I'm not alone!

    Everything looks SO good. If you ever want to invite me to dinner, I won't say no!

  10. What a great meal! Again, all my fave foods and so nicely color coordinated. I'm so impressed with your culinary skills at such a young age.

    PS - I love thaw and fold-out pie crust too!

  11. Love seasonal cuisine!

  12. This looks like a really delicious meal. I've never made pumpkin like this but I'll definitely have to give it a try now.

  13. Wow! you lucky duckys are eating mighty good there..
    I too am lacking the crust gene.. Despite trying and trying again. It always seems to be very edible.. just not purty..

  14. Looks so good and colourful and so healthy... And I really like your broccoli. Sounds so simple, I should try that soon, cause my kid absolutely loves broccoli!


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