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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Writing, Beans and Tofu

Last night I attended my first writing class. It was a small group, but pretty neat. I look forward to the writing exercises and compiling a notebook of memories and thoughts. It’s the type of class that’s left for you to interpret and use how you want. It should be neat!

While I was at class, Ryan made up some baked tofu and used up some of our old sauces in the fridge. This time it was Spicy Garlic sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings. Spicy! We also had some purple green beans and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes. It’s so crazy how the purple beans turn green so fast.

Some other presents I received for my birthday were various hemp powders from Living Harvest. Megan the Vegan got us interested in these and lucky me, Ryan bought it for me. I tried it in a smoothie this morning and thought it was pretty good. Still tastes a little powdery/chalky, but good for a boost.

This afternoon I pick up another crop share. We’ve been having some really cold weather – in the low 30’s overnight and in the 40’s (maybe 50’s) during the day so I hope the crops are doing well! I don’t want it to be winter yet.

Then I’m off to Book Club at my friend, Stephanie’s new house. It will be nice to hang out with the girls again and discuss the book we read, The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. It was a great book with lots of suspense and history.


  1. gorgeous beans!

    Living Harvet is Paul's favourite hemp protein. Lately he's into mixing it with another brand...he finds it a little less chalky. I figure the best shakes are with no protein at all, but this stuff good for ya, so I add it most of the time.

    Good luck in your writing class!

  2. I love purple beans! I call them magic beans!

  3. Spicay tofu...sounds good to me!

  4. i loved that book! if you liked it, i recommend "the other boleyn girl" by philippa gregory, which is a great bit of historical fiction about anne boleyn's older sister and henry viii. a very interesting commentary on the role of women in 16th century england. yes, i know i'm such a geek, my eyes went straight to the book part!

  5. Looks like someone got inspired on her bday, very nice (and happiest belated wishes to you!) :)

    That oatmeal looks scrumptious!

  6. Everyone keeps blogging about the hemp protein powder. I really must try to find it!

    Your writing class sounds like a lot of fun. When things slow down around here, I'd like to take a few fun classes. Writing would be one of them.

    How cool about your book club. I can't wait to meet some new people here and maybe start a book club.

  7. I wish purple plants would stay purple when you cook them, but heat breaks down the anthocyanin molecule (responsible for that red/purple color)and exposes the chlorophyll hiding behind the purple. It's sort of like fall color in reverse. Yep, I just plant-dorked.

  8. i dont know that purple beans exist!

    hope you learn a lot in your class!


  9. Hemp, hemp hooray!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your writing now...

    And way to go Ryan on making some great food there. WOW! Nicely done.

  10. wow that is cold weather. I don't think my CA self could stand that


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