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Friday, August 4, 2006

Wow, what a day!

Wow, I have so much to post about today! It starts with some good finds and ends with some good food.

First of all, I went garage saleing yesterday and found quite a few things we have been looking for. The first garage sale I went to on my way to work and I found 2 short rocking-style chairs that would be awesome for playing cards on a coffee table, playing video games, or as additional seating. They are 15 years old and could be painted or refinished and I could make cushions for the seats. I got both chairs for $7.

Then, on my way back to work after lunch with a friend at my fav, Tejas, I stopped at another garage sale and found a kitchen table and chairs. We sold our old table and chairs on Craigslist a month ago and have been desperate for a new one that properly fit in the small space. I bought a counter-top height table with 4 chairs for $50. I could only fit the chairs in my little Civic, so we are borrowing a larger vehicle and picking up the table today. What great finds!

Our next great thing is that we are almost finished with the YMCA Lazyman Triathlon. We have 12 more miles of biking and we are finishing that together this afternoon!

Finally, our camping food prep was a total success. In 3 ½ hours in the kitchen, we came out with:

Grilled Potato Salad (this takes forever!)
Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
Granola with Hemp Seeds and Dried Fruit
My family’s signature chip dip (secret recipe!)
Bok Choy Salad
Asian Vinaigrette
Ramen Salad Topping
A secret surprise we are bringing camping (which took a ton of prep)

We were constantly moving in the kitchen, but we’re happy to be done with it. We will be sure to post pictures once the dishes are assembled. Right now we have the food set up in individual baggies/continers to put in the coolers today.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. have a great time camping!

  2. Hemp seeds?? Gonna be THAT type of camping trip? ;)

  3. mmm...i wanna come!

  4. Have a fun weekend! We've got a long weekend in most of Canada coming up so I hope it's not too hot for you camping or for me. Enjoy your delicious-sounding food!

  5. Dude, I HATE secret recipes! Maybe you'll take some time to think about sharing while camping and change your "secret recipe" ways. :)

  6. how do you make grilled potato salad?
    I'd like to try that.
    NICE garage sale finds. I need a table a chairs for our place too.


  7. Well at least you'll have some great food to feast on!! Have fun :)

  8. i love love love garage sales (and second hand stores). Great finds for you. I'm going camping in just over a week too, hooray!! Have fun, be safe...

  9. I love garage sales--great scores!

    You certainly won;t go hungry while camping. Can't wait to see the pix.

  10. Thanks for sharing prep time with me for our camping meals. The secret surprise was a major hit. And I will definitely need the Grobnola recipe.
    When I had the grilled potato salad with the blue cheese vinaigrette last night, it was delicious!!! Lucky me that I have the whole jar of vinaigrette. I'll keep the container for you, but it will deifinitely be empty when you get it back :)
    I can never spend too much time with you two. Our time together always goes too fast. It was another great time of making more lasting memories!!!

    Love You Both Tons!


  11. P.S.
    Can't wait to see your table and your rocking chairs!

    Love You!

  12. I love going garage saleing. My mom raised me like it was a sport...hehe. Great finds. Hope you had a fantastic weekend of camping with your delicious food. And way to go on finishing the Lazyman Triathlon.

  13. Grilled potato salad... this brings back a memory for me. Last fourth of july I made some potato salad for a family gathering. I tasted it and wasn't impressed so I thre it it foil and stuck inon th egrill. WOW! It turned out a favorite dish that day.

    Hope the wether was good for your campinig trip.

  14. Dori - that is so cool! What a solution, it just needed a different flavor, huh?

    Shannon - my mom raised me as a garage saler too. She does the negotiating part and I typically just pay what is marked or slightly under.

    Diane - fun times for use. Glad you liked the potato salad. I'll get you the Grobnola recipe soon.

    Urban Vegan - that's the problem with camping, we don't go hungry and usually have a ton of food. Need a few days to recover now.

    Kleopatra - have fun camping. Is it hot in California or do you head up north?

    Annie - for sure we had great food!

    Teddy - start looking at garage sales, but you have to go early. By Friday, the good finds are almost gone.

    Taylor - you are too funny! I really don't think my family has shared the recipe at all. I'll have to check with them so I'm not the one to eff it up. You're to credit for the other surprise :)

    Carrie - it wasn't too hot, it was really perfect weather. Plus, the campground was pretty well shaded so we could set up tents in the shade.

    Megan - I'd bring you, but it would be a long way for you to travel :) At least we're in Minnesota, so it's kinda closer.

    Jeff - too funny.

    Emily - thanks!!


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