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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weekend Outdoor Fun

We had another fantastic weekend. Ryan and I went camping with my sister, nephew, and brother-in-law. The weather was great and we had a lot of fun. We tried making pizza on the grill over the campfire and it was the best.

When we returned on Sunday, we had to rush off to Loon Organics farm for their open house. This farm provides our crop share every two weeks. It was really nice to see Laura again and great to finally meet Adam, our farmers.

We learned all about garlic they grow and how they size it, and

How they dry it.

We toured the 2-acre farm seeing all the flowers,

And the peppers.

Here’s one that we picked. It looks so cool!

It was such a beautiful day and very neat to learn about how Adam and Laura became farmers. We also learned they are fans of our blog too. (Hi Adam and Laura!)

We picked a few peppers, some cherry tomatoes and were given some eggplant and red onion, so it was like a mini crop share.

So far we have used the veggies for:

White pizza with red pepper, jalapenos, roma tomatoes, gold cherry tomatoes and basil.

And stir-fry with Japanese eggplant, kale, red onion, scallions, garlic, and green pepper.

Here's the final product. Too many dashes of hot sauce made it quite a bit spicy!

We pick up another crop share on Thursday, so we are excited for that and can't wait to try some more new ideas.


  1. grilled pizza?!

    That Open House looks like so much fun.

  2. I had grilled pizza when i went to NY
    it was delish, especially b/c my grandparents made it for me :)


  3. Groovy baby..I love swingin' pizza!

  4. Those tomatoes were so good. Dad and I just chowed them down. They were gone by Monday evening.

    And I have now successfully cooked and eaten all my eggplant. I grilled the Japanese and other small eggplant on my stovetop grill, cooled them down (well, actually I ate most of them while they were cooling down) and put the rest on a very tasty salad.

    The globe eggplant I cooked with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese in olive oil, as you had suggested, Crystal. It was really good. Ron even tried a couple small pieces and thought it was pretty good. I couldn't eat it all in one sitting, so wondering if it's good warmed up? Maybe in the toaster over? Let me know if you have any ideas!

    Thanks again for stopping by, visiting and giving us the goods :)

    Love You!!!


  5. Grilled pizza? Brilliant!

    :) Mikaela

  6. I haven't had pizza in forever and these look SOOOOO good! My dad makes the best (oven) pizza, so I'm partial to that. HOwever, the grilled pizza looks great. I don't have a grill to use, so I'll have to stick to the oven. The stir fry also looks great, too! Japanese eggplant is what my Papa used for frying (with batter and all that good stuff) but I think I may get some this weekend and try the stir fry. Thanks for the ideas. I love foods with fresh veggies!

  7. Awesome pizza! We haven't been camping in severeal years, seeing that pizza makes me want to go rough it.

    Looks like you're in the veggies. Great pictures.

  8. Pizza over an open flame? That sounds so awesome, bet it was delish. I love how pretty produce is, especially peppers with all those color variations. I haven’t made any stir fry in a while, I think I’ll have to get some stuff at the market on Friday so we can make a big wok full this weekend.

  9. How cool you grilled the pizza. I've never tried that before. Great pics from the farm open house.

  10. awesome farm tour! i love how you are in touch with where your food comes from. & that pizza looks "smokin" good! :o)

  11. Wow - that pizza over the BBQ is amazing. On the BBQ is one thing, but over and open that's cool!

  12. Grilled pizza is one thing I've yet to try, but look forward to it someday. Yours looks marvelous! I have to give you credit for finding so many different and great ways of using and actually eating all those veggies! With that kind of imagination and determination finding a job should be a cinch :)

  13. Their farm is beautiful and I want to capture the gorgeous colors of their produce in an oil painting. I'm definitely signing up for a CSA next season.

  14. I would say you guys were definitely


    And may i say that is THE most beautiful multi-coloured pepper i have seen? Wow, i was blown away by the two-tone situation on that one you show here.

    Great crop share there, Crystal and Ryan! Impressive. Garlic is good. More garlic is better. Fresh garlic and lots of it is the best. And as for the grilled pizza, i have one word for what i think of it:


    OK, one more word.



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