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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Super Veggie Curry

Tuesday night, we tried out an awesome recipe from Melody at MeloMeals and it was perfect timing. As I’ve mentioned before, I have clear braces. The braces themselves don’t stain, but the ligatures around them do so I get them changed every 6 weeks. I try to avoid staining foods (especially curry and red wine) until the week before my appointment. By then, the ligatures are getting yellowed from drinking coke, eating greens, chocolate, Cheetos, etc. so I don’t care what I eat. It's a pain, but I get used to it.

Anyway, onto the food! Melody’s suggestion was perfect for using up some items in our crop share. Here’s what we put into the curry:

Garlic, onion, yellow squash, green beans, jalapeno, eggplant, green pepper, red pepper, and diced tomatoes.

It was all sautéed up with some curry spices in a wok and topped with mango chutney, lime juice, cilantro, and red onion. We served it over brown rice.

I can’t believe I had all the ingredients on hand and this dish was so good! I was just putting the finishing touches on it when Ryan got home from class. We were really impressed with this dish because it is very healthy yet fills you up. There was such a variety of flavors and textures and we simply love curry but don’t eat it enough. Next time I might try adding tofu or chickpeas for some more protein.

Thanks for the recipe Melody!!

Well, we have a lot to get ready for camping this weekend and I have volunteered to split the food duties with Ryan’s mom, Diane. I bought most of everything yesterday at the store and tonight will be a major prep night. Of course, I’ll be taking pictures along the way. I’m very excited for camping if you couldn’t tell.


  1. Camping...oh need to take some campfire cooking pix :)

  2. I'm glad you liked it! It's always a big hit in my hosue and my cooking classes.

    Have fun camping!

  3. The curry sounds wonderful. Have fun camping...and make sure you eat all the wine, coffee, chocolate, curry you can in this last week of staining foods!

  4. I love curry dishes, this look yummy. Camping is so much fun. I can’t believe I haven’t been camping a singe time since I moved from Wisconsin. Must mean it’s time to move back…lol. Where are you headed to? Have a great time!

  5. singe time? WTF? I meant long time. Is it 5 yet?

  6. that curry looks fab and major yum on the mango chutney. have a great camping trip & take lots of photos!

  7. Woah, does that ever look yummy... Happy trails to you!!! Have a blast!


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