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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Pizza by Another Name

So, we venture into the world of pizza once again. We can't help it, we love the stuff. Although, what we made the other night is not really's stromboli! So, we're not really eating pizza again, right?

The whole purpose for this meal was to not have leftovers since most of what we had made recently gave us plenty of leftovers. However, we somehow didn't realize that we can't eat a whole pizza and also can't eat a whole stromboli.

We used Trader Joe's herbed pizza crust and cut it in half so we could each top our own. This stems from the days when Ryan was super picky and his was basically cheese, sauce and pepperoni while mine had a bunch of veggies in it. However, times have changed and Ryan now likes what I like, so we made 2 halves of the exact same thing.

Each stromboli was filled with chopped green and red peppers, chopped tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and soy pepperoni. This was our first time trying soy pepperoni and we liked it as it has the same spices. We call it "pepperoni bread" because that's kinda what it tastes like.

Anyway, it was baked at 400 for about 15 minutes. We only had room in our stomach for half of the stromboli and thus ended up with leftovers once again, but it was all worth it.

I think I'm getting tired of this hot weather and even turning on the burners heats up the house. I hear there is a cold front on the way and I hope it's true because we're going camping this weekend. It really sucks trying to sleep in a hot, hot tent.


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  2. Maybe it's the crop share, but I sometimes thing ya'll are vegetaritans...then you make something with meat (pepperoni) ande you totally redeem yourselves!! Oh wait that's soy pepperoni!!! lol"e=dumber.txt&file=dumber.mp3

  3. Do you freeze your leftovers? I love to do that in either family sized portions or individual sized portions. It is great to look in the freezer and have a choice, espeically in this heat.

  4. No such thing as leftover pizza in my house! I have no problem eating a whole pizza to myself! It's quite disgusting really!.

  5. Hi crystal and Ryan, I love to cook but do you have any simple recipes.My house do not have much Advanced cooking stuff like Oven etc. If you have any simple and easy recipes. Drop me an email @

    Thanks alot. This website is cool

  6. Loving that pizza! I grew up eating pepperoni pizza and now when i make it (usually i just make mini pizzas on rice cakes or halved pita pockets or a slice of Ezekiel wheat) i almost always use a few pieces of soy pepperoni. It's delicioso, just like i remember it only BETTER now. Great stuff you have today. Thanks for the beautiful food photos.

  7. Lordy! Talk about comfort food...that looks fabulous!!!

  8. Jeff - we did have a burger over the weekend! Oh yeah, I had canadian bacon this morning.

    Melody - that would be a great idea! I will have to freeze some of these next time. Other than that, I'm not much of a freezer person.

    Megan - don't worry, we have those days sometimes too :)

    Urban Vegan - thanks, we thought so too. Oh yeah - great job on the sushi!

    Brian - didn't realize you don't have an oven. Let me think about this one and e-mail you.

    Kleo - you are so good to have little pizzas. I tried that approach awhile back to wean myself off pizza, but I guess it didn't work.

    Tanya Kristine - totally! We used to make this a ton in college and it really brought back memories.

  9. That looks sooo good! I just made pizza and posted it too. The stromboli is a great alternative, I love them too. I have never tried soy pepperoni, but seeing that I don't eat the real thing much anymore, maybe I will.
    P.s. I wish I had a Trader Joes near me :(

  10. stromboli looks terrific! i have some soy pepperoni in the fridge -- maybe now it has a plan...

  11. That stromboli looks really good with the Trader Joe's pizza crust. We have not had stromboli for a really long time. I'm impressed that you both made yours the same :)

    Love You,



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