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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Camping Fun

Well, we’re back. Camping was a blast as usual. We go with a group of 10 others each year and have been either camping or going to a cabin for the last 10+ years with most everyone.

This campground had many things to do, so Ryan and I took advantage of the biking and rode on some of the trails throughout the campground. We always bring our bikes because everyone gets some use out of them. They are borrowed to bike to the bathrooms or the showers or just taken for a spin.

We had a hardcore beanbag competition too. It’s a homemade game, but a lot of fun and quite addicting. Ryan and I were undefeated champions on Saturday until we decided we had better take showers and had to go on hiatus.

We kept food relatively simple for the weekend. We grilled hot dogs on Friday evening and had a chicken pasta salad and my bok choy salad on the side. We munched on Diane’s chex mix and the "secret recipe" family chip dip all weekend.

Everyone loved the special surprise I had in store for them…Jello Shots!
Ryan scooped out the insides of the citrus fruits (we juiced the pulp and drank it) and we filled the insides with the jello, water, and alcohol mixture. Big thanks to Taylor for the idea!!

The oranges were filled with Stoli vanilla vodka and orange jello; the limes were filled with tequila, triple sec and lime jello; and the lemons were filled with Malibu coconut rum and island pineapple jello. They were constantly being passed around the campfire and were enjoyed by all.

Saturday morning, we made up Farmer’s Eggs, which is sautéed green onions, garlic, and bacon. Then you cook up cubed potatoes, add eggs and cream cheese and stir until done. This was served with fresh fruit. It’s a recipe I found a few years ago and we have been making it each year at camping.

We had BLT’s for lunch and Chicken Fajitas for dinner on Saturday, but I forgot to take pictures of either meal. Sorry! However, I do have a picture of the Grilled Potato Salad (which we didn’t have room in our bellies to eat).

First, I boiled potatoes until they were tender, but not too soft. Then I sliced them up, brushed them with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and grilled them on our stovetop griddle on both sides. I arranged a bunch of watercress on a serving plate and put the hot potatoes directly on the watercress. Then I top with a blue cheese vinaigrette (oil, red wine vinegar, shallots, Dijon mustard and blue cheese) and sprinkle sliced green onions over that and serve. You can definitely omit the blue cheese and just do a vinaigrette dressing and it tastes great too. Those who want blue cheese can sprinkle it over the top.

Saturday evening we made S'mores and Ryan had to go for the gold with four marshmallows. I can't repeat the nickname for these, so I'll show you the picture.

Our friend, Aaron had to outdo us with Ginger Snap S'mores, which looked awesome! He said they tasted awesome too, but wasn't sharing :)

Sunday morning we had homemade granola (renamed Grobnola), yogurt and fresh fruit. We cleaned our tents, made bracelets and headed back to the reality of city life. We do it all over again with my sister in a couple weeks.

Sorry for the posting delay. I was having problems with Blogger and didn't have time to deal with it. I'm glad to finally be back online!


  1. Welcome back! The beanbag fun sounds great!!

  2. did you guys make 'special' brownies? ;)

  3. Your camping trip sounds so fun. We used to camp alot when the kids were little. I would never stay to far from the bathroom though, that biking to the bathroom would have been to hard on me.

  4. Blogger has been giving me lots of trouble too! GRRR!
    Sounds like camping was a fun time! Your camping food is 5 star compared to what I usually have. Thanks for sharing.

  5. how did you get the jello to set in the rinds that way? brilliant. i'd be thrilled if somebody brought those party favors camping. what is the beanbag game?

  6. OH MAN I want a jello shot like that!
    that is so cool
    very creative


  7. Camping IS fun!

    I have been trying to find out how to make vegan jello shots. Any ideas?

  8. Love the jello idea! The Potato salad sounds yummy too. Glad you're back online.

  9. Lucky me to be part of all the good food, good times, yummy jello shots and to have such a great family :) Couldn't ask for more!!!

    Love You,


  10. Ok, that's it. I've typed a response to you all twice now and blogger keeps rejecting it and so I need to take a time out!

    Thank you for all your comments and I'll have to bop around to everyone's sites to answer personally :) Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!


  11. All that food looks so good crystal and Ryan now you knw how i love that bok choy so it would be great if you bring it on our camping trip too lol for real though! I love that stuff! love you both!, Jill

  12. That's some 5-star camping grub! You must of had a fridge to brave yogurt while camping.

  13. Wicked! Love the jello shots!

  14. YUUUUM! Everything we ate camping was soooooo good! Those jello shots- they are so good you forget they have alcohol in them until I had the lime tequila one! WOW! Thanks for bringing all the wonderful food. Danny and I had so much fun camping :)


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