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Friday, August 11, 2006

Book Club Appetizer Night

Last night I hosted our book club. Our rule is the hostess chooses the book for that month. To switch things up a bit, I chose a cookbook, Rachael Ray’s 30-Minute Meals Get Togethers. I figured this would inspire new appetizer ideas for future book clubs and get everyone to try new dishes for entertaining. In order to get credit for “reading” the book, everyone was to try at least 2 new dishes and come to the meeting with feedback.

I made 5 different appetizers for the evening and one member brought the dessert. Thanks to Stephanie, Andrea, and Karen for participating in our evening of wine and appetizers! Here’s what we had:

Two kinds of Lavash Pizzas - one with Mexican toppings, smoked cheddar, chorizo, peppers and olives and the other with smoked mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula.

Chickpea and Rosemary Dip in the was such a pretty picture that I couldn't resist!

The final result of Chickpea and Rosemary Dip served with grape tomatoes, flatbreads, and zucchini.

Artichokes marinated in lemon juice, zest, and parsley along with Endives and Boursin cheese and chives.

Our fifth appetizer was a Roasted Red Pepper Salsa with Grilled Polenta Slices. We found that the dip itself went well with the flatbreads and zucchini too.

For dessert, Andrea brought Black Cherry Ice Cream and served it with Chocolate Sauce, but I inhaled it so quickly that I forgot to take a picture. She did leave the ice cream in my freezer, so I could recreate the scene :)

YUM! Thanks to all the Bookends members who participated in this project!


  1. wow! your book club sounds like fun & i'd become a more devoted reader if the meetings had food like this. those lavash pizzas look sooo good. & the little circles below look amazing as well.

    thanks for getting back to me about your clever jello-shots. you could make them vegan using agar flakes. search "kanten" on my blog & you'll get the idea. i'm ready to plan a party for the sole purpose of making those!! :o)

  2. "Book Club" is a term used by my boss to describe his weekly Thursday night out with the boys (he's 45, married with 3 girls). lol Your appetizers look in-CREDIBLE!

  3. Yay, book clubs are awesome. I'll be starting one up with some friends as soon as I move into our new house. Great appys! :)

  4. This food looks absolutely fabulous! What are we reading... count me in. :)

  5. How fun - great way to change up the club with a cookbook and making some awesome food!

  6. The food looks fabulous... I'll bet that red pepper dip was awesome! What a great idea to have the book club read a cookbook and make a dish..

  7. Grilled polenta! Wow, i must try that!!!

  8. what a tasty book club! you guys must be reading a lot of cookbooks :)


  9. Excellent idea of sneaking a cookbook into the reading club! I'd love to be in a book club...if only all my friends weren't illiterate.

  10. Wish I was there to share the app's-they look amazing and I am hungary right now! Sorry I have been slow at reading the blog last 2 weeks. I just went back and updated but I didn't post as I am having some issues getting the comment box to appear! Ryan- I hope you had fun at the Twins game(who did you go with??) and Crystal- I hope you had a good time at your parents. If all goes well I may be movung into your neighborhood soon! How fun, I could come over for dinner more often;)

  11. The blender photo is very pretty - and looks tasty :)

  12. You inspire me to get out of the habit of making the same old appetizers! Next time you do a cookbook at book club I would definitely like to be there!! The presentation of the artichokes and cheese and chives is beautiful. Everything looks delicious :) If I'd been there I would have been feeling sick from scarfing down too much yummy food.

    Hope you're enjoying this rainy Sunday!!

    Love Both,


  13. Yummy that food actually looks good to me even though i dont ushally like that kind of food:) I love rachael ray I watch that show all the time she is actually one of the people who i like to watch on cooking shows :) You have her book where did you guys get it? Love ya Jill

  14. wow - what a great party. I wish I was there!!!


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