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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sweet Potato-Swiss Chard Burritos with Corn Relish

This is the first full dinner I(Ryan) have cooked completely myself since returning from Atlanta. Of course Crystal provided the recipe...she finds very good recipes! This recipe, from Redbook, is modified based on ingredients we needed to use up. I started off by making the corn relish which included:

*Mexican-style kernel corn
*Plum Tomato
*Lime Juice
*Baby Shallot

I let the corn salsa sit in the fridge while I prepared the rest of the dish which contained:

*Sweet Potatoes
*Yellow Onion
*Cumin & Salt
*Red Bell Pepper
*Swiss Chard
*Lime Juice
*Refried Black Beans

Here it is all plated up! This was a great healthy meal and provided plenty for leftovers. We used the remainder of our flour tortillas for this dinner, so I toasted up some bread, applied ingredients, and had a new leftover sandwich the next day. I have never tried burrito toppings on a sandwich. It turned out pretty good!



  1. You I was making my own fresh salsa last Thursday...I contemplated the ramifications of putting the salsa in the fridge. Yes, I know I have to do it...however, when a tomato hits a certain temperature it looses its flavor. File this under "You know you are a food nerd when..."

  2. Thanks for the tip. Your comment prompted some research...and now my tomatoes will never go in the fridge again!!!

    Well maybe sometime...I can't predict the future.


  3. Looks good except that I don't like sweet potatoes!

  4. I love it all!!! Nicely done! Way to take a page from ol' Redbook and make it divine! Yum!

  5. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!


  6. mm i like the corn relish



  7. Claire - I thought about using butternut squash you like that?

    Kleopatra - Redbook can be hit or miss, but this was definitely a hit!

    Harmonia - thanks! This was such a light and fresh dish, but filled us up too.


  8. This all looks really good. Can you beleive I have never had a burito? Is it spicy? I can't eat spicy food.

    P.s. I just linked you :)

  9. this looks great! i love corn & all the other goodies that went along with it. & those fruit pancakes looks fab too. hope chicago treats you well. :o)

  10. Now, that looks like a perfect meal for me!! I bet it was delicious.

    Love You,


  11. WOW! What an awesome demonstration of good veggie chopping. Looks yummy! Have a nice trip to Chicago.


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